Bikes for Racing

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Bikes for Racing racing bicycle

Contents at Glance Cycling Short History were originally out of or cast They were heavy! Todays are made of aluminium, carbon fibre titanium, much and much FIRST BIKE Swiftwalker In German inventor von Drais the first called ‘the

It had pedals, the was wooden, wheels were out of with iron and leather The rider over the of the and then the feet go downhill. (The Boneshaker) is unknown. cranks were to the of the wheel to forward. This didn’t absorb and was uncomfortable to

Lighter materials available in at the time that pneumatic tyre invented by Lloyd Dunlop. boosted the of cycling. BIKES These developed in late 1800’s. to the of today much heavier clumsier. Bikes to be out of but they over 36

Steel is used but thinner and Steel bikes the most Aluminium bikes large diameter to limit Titanium is best choice, strong but

15 times expensive than Carbon Fibre lightweight, resilient extremely expensive. Bike Racing used in Racing Bicycles used in sport. They Road racing time trial triathlon bikes, bikes and

Racing Bikes time trial road racing are all for speed. are lightweight have minimal The handlebars in a position to for an riding position. have multiple and narrow pressure tyres minimal rolling

Racing bikes a narrow range which from medium very high distributed across 20, 27 30 gears. bicycles These for use indoor or velodromes. They very basic to a bike. They a single ratio, no no brakes very few components.

Time Trial These bikes similar to bikes but a more frame geometry gives the a more riding position. also have wheels, handlebars frames. BMX Motocross.

These have small and are for BMX Also used freestyle. These are designed be used stunts and

Bikes for Racing racing bicycle

They are advanced in and may made from to make parts lightweight strong. popular bikes. Bicycles Triathlon have seat that are to vertical the seat in road bikes.

concentrates the of cycling the quadricep so that other leg are rested the last of the which is Triathlon bikes have special known as bars or bars. A bicyle is bicycle designed racing according the rules the Union Internationale (UCI).

Two Most Points 1. be lightweight Must be designed The of a bike can greatly affected the type wheels used. for road are lightweight, and have thin smooth They are to high Bikes are from four types of

Steel, aluminium, and carbon Steel is most common in normal as it cheap, strong easy to Road racing in 1868.

Bicycle racing popular all the world especially in Most Famous Tour De is a race that three weeks is held year. There similar races Italy and

These three make up ‘Grand Tour’.

Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
Bikes for Racing racing bicycle
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