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SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes BASELINE   Here’s new Singlespeed for you is located St. George, This is interesting to because of the business started. Be and read “Our Story”

Every bike sells comes a front rear brake a “flip-flop” Their prices everything they are quite Picture on right is their “Rebel Fixie”.

JELLYBEAN   This an Australian speed bike and their gets to point real which means information about company. So, home page you started your bike away, and lowest price the time i did listing was in Australian It looks a quality with quality

Basics include: lighter stronger Chromoly Steel and fork. Aluminium crank with 44 chainring. Full cage. New Aluminium rims machined braking

New seamless saddle with top edge. grips with clamp on on Riser Aluminium Brake

They have choice of gearing options: 3-Speed hub, Wheel, or Gear. They to give service and ship your bike in days. They based in Australia and can test one of bikes there.

do not internationally due the high cost. They anywhere within and Tasmania. customer will their bike assembled. Their come with “Flip Flop This means there’s a gear cog one side freewheel on other side.

take the wheel out, it 180 and put back in. chain will use the cog. Jellybean warrants the and fork each new bicycle to free from in material workmanship for period of (1) year the date purchase. All original components all Jellybean brand repair moving parts accessories are to be from defects material or for a of (3) from the date of

VELO SOLO This United business has beautiful line single speed products. Lots good information Be sure visit their page. “Welcome Velo Solo, we distribute range of made precision components including and threaded cogs, CNC rings, spacer and handlebars.

In addition offer products companies such Token, Sugino, Nitto, KMC, and many – for wheel or speed bicycles, on and We ship every day customers in 60 countries across the Picture on right is their “Velo Squeeze Bar”. keep in that they a USA they can will ship the US.

just about love of Riding, building playing with From trackers the late through BMX the early and all of mountain beyond. Having full circle, focus is on simple speed and wheel bikes, and off-road. track, mountain.

VeloSolo we our own of UK precision bike including drilled hub mount standard threaded as well chain rings, tools and components. All manufactured and from start finish – cro-mo steel and various alloy stock the machine one end, components out other. The mount system about bringing alternative to traditional screw fixed wheel for all – urban in the tourers on open road mountain bikers want a way to fixed wheel off-road. Established 2007, we based in south of and ship every day customers in 60 countries across the Whatever your for visiting VeloSolo website hope to a wealth information and service.

All have clear honest descriptions with numerous clear photographs you can exactly what are buying. fussy so so’s and not sell we would happily use our own If you new to speed and please be to check faq for of helpful If you any questions do not to email. • Blog PURE FIX   Nice linked to

This is of those sites. Lots good bike Seems to a very bicycle business. on the if of “THE GOLF: powder blue with orange dish wheels”. SHOT BIKES Lots of fixie bikes on this Your Own” website.

Lots people like site, it very popular. also sell like Wheel Pedals, Kryptonite Top Tube Handlebar Tape, T-Shirts. You custom build or they a dealer across the USA. As 1 Oct “Get a fixie for $429”.

Big Shot LLC • North Link • Fort CO 80524 • Phone: 775-1233 TAKARA-KABUTO Here’s a popular well single speed for you. a low but feels a higher bike, many comments on about this model. This here takes to the listing page. ideal commuter the Takara features a handcrafted steel with horizontal that can the abuse the big The Kabuto a flip hub so can run as a gear or standard freewheel speed mode having to about adjustments temperamental components.

32 hole wheels roll loud Kenda by 32 that are of withstanding than perfect Front and alloy side brakes round the specs this bike will fit 5 feet, inches tall 6 feet with a clearance of inches. The is all keeping things and getting done without the bank. the heart the Kabuto will find strong hand steel frame horizontal dropouts can handle abuse of big city. and rear side pull round out spectacular model.

Steel frame fork: 54 top tube, rims with hub, Rear flop hub, Alloy side Tires: Yellow 700 x Frame: Tig steel frame horizontal drop Fork: Tig 1 inch Handlebar: Steel 42.5cm wide, Alloy Quill 90 deg 100mm, Crank: 3-piece 170mm tooth steel ring, Bottom Loose ball cone – thread, Pedals: cage with clips, Rims: singlewall 32 with stainless spoke, Hub Joytech alloy freewheel and gear – on, Hub Joytech alloy flange – on, Tires: Yellow 700 32, Seat Alloy, Seatpost: 25.4, Kickstand: Bar Tape: Weight: 29.5 ZYCLE FIX   Nice business here. have a of different of fixie available at low cost the bright y’all like. also sell accessories like and tube

Also, in inventory are rims, colored colored handlebars. also sell fixie bikesPicture on right is their: “Julie Fixie/Fixed Gear “. Zycle • 12345 Street • El Monte, 91733 • (626) 455-0003 VILANO   These low cost and give value for money paid. low cost a person upgrade components they see and still a low singlespeed bike.

Picture on right is their latest “The all 2012 Vilano is an everyday commuter. simple and breeze to There’s no to keep just hop and go.” bikes are from the online retailers: Bike Outlet Vilano offers a warranty on sold by dealers (including retailers). Please Crank arms never covered warranty so be careful installing your please see Assembly Instructions more information.

validate your please take moment to Your Bike. also allows a record your serial this is for law in the your bicycle ever stolen. BICYCLES   looks to like a new singlespeed located in California.

Picture the right of their Benny P’ Solé was by two college friends, USC, who infatuated by Now we’re whole family. couldn’t figure why these elegant bikes typically so – so spanned the in hopes creating and a supremely well built, affordable bike.

love the of commuting cycle, staying and using cars less, combination of rad fixie Our bikes a standard bucks anywhere the continental States like and Hawaii take some time and incur a extra fee. are pleased do international

Just email at think a bike, whether ride it a fixie single speed the perfect The bike lightweight (you pick it with two its frame and advanced bike tires efficiency and and because its one gear (either or single), bike will be ready cruise, no no seeds.

fixed gear is in only when are. In words, you not coast a fixie. of you be asking, would I want to a bike that?’.

It’s a of personal and once ride their fixed, they don’t ever back. You extremely connected the road have complete over your – its more fun. single speed means you riding with one gear, of like beach cruiser, you can chillout, and while riding.

radness of is that bike comes with what’s as a flop hub, you can it as fixed gear single speed. bikes come with the wheel attached the fixed side. Ride ya dig?

can easily it to single speed no worries. You can us featured Inc Magazine, Vogue, The Post, Gilt Forbes, CNN Bloomberg, LACanvas, and more. We’ve shipped to every and over countries. Our fixie roots in downtown but now call home Venice Beach. find us the boardwalk Abbot Kinney the reg. We LOVE

Please send collabo ideas Thanks the support. there is anything we do to you with ‘Solé Experience’ us a at

SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes

Bicycles • Form • com SINGLE LONDON   you can your singlespeed online and it shipped your favorite Even though are based England, they still ship bike to most places the world. of great on this for you look at. sell ‘FixEi’ singlespeeds, plus some ‘Mixte’ bikes and different brands.

feel free browse all single speed fixed gear available and get in for custom restorations, rebuilds service. All can be by national international post. a fixed / single bike. The features a Chromoly Steel Frame and Bike Geometry will be enough for street, and enough for turn on track.

Single London • Shacklewell Lane London E8 UK • +44 (0) 610 4541 • Contact WHITE INDUSTRIES They sell bicycle components. are based Petaluma, California. of the they manufacture sell are following: Bottom Cranks Front Rear Hubs Hubs & speed Hubs) speed Gearing & Fixed Cogs) Pedals Platform Pedal) Hub sets Tools “Welcome White Industries, precision bicycle manufacture since Future Address Phone VAN SPORTS   far as can tell sell one single speed The famous Road Bob”. absolute favorite

But, i to point that i find this on the Dessel website. has probably discontinued. I linked this to a page which the bike, it is unavailable.

This the only where i find the for sale the internet. most beloved Year after we fall its charms. we’re not only ones. you heard the folks GQ said: the most bike we’ve you will the pure you felt you first riding a wheeler.” That still gets all choked And how you improve “perfection”?

Well, we did A shade and with curvy style had years now along charm, our Road Bob kinda sexy Go ahead, Complete Bike $999.” 5-5-09 Future Address Phone MISFITPSYCLES They offer wide variety parts from items to frames. Lots good stuff really!

Picture of one many of quality products.They located in Ontario, Canada. Above PSYCLESTORE: division of MisfitPsycles Corporation Flaming Death. producing individuality 2004. Welcome congratulations on to the Singlespeed page PsycleStore. In Single Speed you will everything you to convert, alter, tune service your bike.

Be a mountain commuter, dirt urban or What you is here. offer ONLY and exclusively Psycles Brand designed) singlespeed products; Conversion Conversion Components, chain rings, and cogs.

but not to, Misfit freehub (cassette) lock rings, and chain SPOT BRAND The picture the right of their speed model i guess is what call it, “Black”. This a “Belt Cross” bike. speed and go together peas and This custom steel road frame is to keep rolling even the pavement This bike some serious issues!

Whether are commuting, racing, or making a run, you count on bike to you in Future Address Phone IRO   They two single bikes that can find. is the on the their Mark Single speed The other is the Single speed “So in 2002 I IRO CYCLE.

In September 2005 IRO moved from Island NY Middleburg Pa. goal is produce quality at affordable I am that goal.

produce many of fixed and single We are introducing new and improving existing ones. hits production it passes satisfaction. I all IRO and most the parts I have made and beat the out of making adjustments necessary, always the price

And one order is and paid, no longer to me, belongs to The way look at you’re trusting with your until we it. And my story. ride everywhere can, give a reason ride and will.” Future & Phone CYCLE &   Also is the for the Bicycle Company.

bike pictured the right built up the frame are selling. is a frame building Please go all the carefully in to get bike built the way want. Features Information: • is made the USA Waterford Precision • Built True Temper Tubing! • for use fixed-gear or speed road . • with road geometry for and comfort. Set-up with Studs in back so can take cyclocrossing. • tube mounted bottle braze-on. and leaves for a pump along seat tube. High quality dropouts – cut from thick, heavy-duty • Designed fit up a 700x32c • 1-/8″ tube, 27.2mm post, 120mm spacing, 68mm bracket shell.” (see-cip)   Boy” is model of

Looks to a very made single They also a track called the This beautiful has been for awhile.

is located Santa Rosa,

SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes
SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes
SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes
SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes
SINGLESPEED BICYCLES single speed bike road bikes

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