Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review

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Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes

Shimano has confirmed that UK pricing the R785 system will £499.99. We awaiting details US pricing. first blush, prefer this road system SRAM ‘s. Great ergonomics with Di2 reach and adjustments; brake action feels mechanical but Cons: Tinny, sound when with hands tops (without the lever has nothing pull it against the body); lack standard Shimano branding (it’s Dura-Ace, it’s Ultegra, so is it?); finish In There’s still question of or not brakes are way forward, the main that the have is there isn’t real ‘need’ more powerful

Shimano understand so the of these brakes isn’t power but feel and regardless of Shimano’s hydraulic unit is bigger than standard Di2 mechanical levers. seems early that the hoods would the same were a optimistic. The R785 Di2 unit (r) considerably bigger a standard or Di2 Comparisons between and SRAM hydraulic road are inevitable, there are few notable between Shimano’s road system SRAM’s. The obvious is lever shape; electric shifting up considerable estate for hydraulic internals Shimano, while stacks its on top a mechanical meaning the is a bigger.

Another is the and presentation. launched hydraulic brakes at top of food chain Red 22 also the non-series S-700), Shimano has with only non-series R785 that is the top-level or the Ultegra. Why? spokesman David said that company isn’t satisfied with product, and that improvements performance, and finish be made it can branded Dura-Ace.

In fact, entire system still a in progress hubs and are XT models, and rotors are to be to 140mm the full versions. Shimano entered other in similar before. Its compact crank the R700 an Ultegra a Dura-Ace.

its first mountain bike was an not the XTR. The versions of brakes will 140mm, not rotors Ride handling We to experience brakes first over the of three The first included a descent, and initial impressions very similar our first on SRAM’s brakes.

The was consistent, was plenty feel, but did have tendency to noisily once built up bit of heat. Please Adobe Flash to view content Video: BR-R785 hydraulic testing, day Note: the had quietened considerably by three. But the final the front (which you more) had almost silent, the rear gave a of noisy We don’t that a more rides, in more conditions (Sicily consistently warm dry) this time would reduced somewhat.

Our findings testing Red bear out Shimano too. not about it’s about control. The thing to is that disc brake offer too power it about the as the (and frankly Shimano Dual design (found the new and Ultegra).

matters is you can it in. just enough force is effortless experience; single finger all it We took the same on rim and could the effort our hands the bottom the standard but with we had such issues pumped up If anything, say that disc brakes actually harder lock up. other fear disc brakes overheating.

Pushing disc to limits and the fluid mean a loss of with potentially consequences. Like Shimano has done its SRAM tested some of toughest descents, Shimano seems have been the same Test riders up with weights and body armour raise the weight to made sure brakes could the extremes. even tried where they the brakes the way Mount Elba, a speed 15mph for just to to cook brakes.

The only finished August this that’s why were reluctant give us weights for system even the official we were riding a of production prototype it’s policy not release weight until after first full-production The highly (for cooling) are available either resin metal bodies has combatted issues with pads that appropriated from mountain side the company pads are with mountain groupset logos so they essentially the as well the Ice-Tech rotors. The have a outer on faces, sandwiched an alloy.

This is the alloy heat faster steel, drawing heat from surface to it building too quickly. claims that sandwich design heat by One mildly point is tinny rattle by the head vibrating the body the hood riding over surfaces with hands on tops. When on the your hands the vibration eliminate the But unweighting hoods, when conditions are results in noise.

The for this that hydraulic levers (both and SRAM) design lack cable tension in mechanical so there nothing holding tautly in In all, first impressions Shimano’s discs good, if great. The is that are Di2 which means be a big investment get discs SRAM may an advantage with its 10-speed option alongside Red. couldn’t say system is without some back-to-back testing.

Thankfully that be far we already Red in office ready be built Decade’s classy Tripster ATR, Shimano will shipping our groupset very Once we’ve that one then we’ll some direct between the (and standard Road racer Schleck. guest honour at press camp, some positive to say the disc rim debate. of people claimed that don’t need want them.

Andy had different take: you’re descending the wet, on lightweight rims then is often on the braking surface. means you to brake to give to clear water. In that often you are the brake corners with guarantee of braking is to happen. a long in hot they way brake feels the top different to it feels the bottom the rim become hot. this results a ‘grabby’, brake feel.” feel and When braking the road, Shimano R785 and hydraulic similar to mechanical calipers terms of ratio of pulled to force applied the wheel. SRAM’s Red Hydro-R system, levers have be pulled more for same amount braking.

Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes

In both the finger required is than a system. Whether the brakes shave off little speed to pull quickly for abrupt stop, system engages and predictably, plenty of left at lever. The can be adjusted for and mildly for free The levers be adjust reach (how the lever in neutral from the and what calls free (the point the pull the lever which the begin to

Both adjustments made with underneath the The brakes Shimano’s mineral and servicing is identical both process tooling to company’s mountain brakes. Where will pop Are disc the future road bikes? looking that As the system is available later year, cyclocross will be first to with the as original Then road will begin out with Di2 and Dura-Ace Di2 hydraulic brakes.

potential adoption sales as standalone group, it comes, be months, not years, So are the future? this and ’s evidence suggest they

Yes, a road brake is heavier a mechanical caliper system. claims Shimano’s adds roughly not including potential weight the frame the fork. for the a lot issues need be sorted. the UCI’s the issue parity across board it’d dangerous for the peloton have the advantage these offer.

The other is standardisation equipment for service. As before, our ran 160mm but Shimano 140s. The is that aren’t that bikes with fittings to the reduced

Should the follow mountain go through-axle? such as Focus and with their CX bike, to think With Shimano’s brakes already functional, many and even shop owners asking what point is. as with points to braking across conditions,’ and modulation and power for finger input.’ worth remembering long it mountain bike to evolve their current state.

They’ve more than decade of for the we reckon be three five years we see disc brakes capable of. bikes have advantage of mountain bike doing most the groundwork it’s a of adaptation evolution. For of us, positives will the negatives. more consistent is going make you and safer, how can be a thing?

Ultimately the riders, dictate whether system truly off or it remains novelty.

Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes
Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes
Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes
Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes
Shimano R785 electric/hydraulic road system review shimano bike road bikes

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