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Our Take: vs. 11-Speed the last years, Campagnolo. and SRAM moved to and the is becoming main stream. when we’ve 11-speed bikes, of you had some and concerns the new

To answer of them, found one our employees has been both 10- 11-speed groupsets a while. his take things. I’ve riding both Campagnolo and SRAM  for years now, I switch the two enough to able to you there some definite between 10- 11-speed drivetrains. adding an cog means have more ratios to from which make your more efficient.

But I’ve asked to the 6 common questions get about so here goes. (And remember, this a Campy SRAM article 10-speed vs. Is 11-speed durable? Answer:  not really difference.

I have about miles on 11-speed cassette chain, and is worn yet. I have yet break an chain while So far Campagnolo chains cassettes have about as as my 10-speed ones. guess the cogs and make people but I had any so far. haven’t ridden new Shimano but I’ve that their PTFE chain actually makes chains stronger their 10-speed . Isn’t shifting compromised?

Answer: Shifting isn’t really by the of another Aside from different shifter I have very little, any, difference performance between and 11. anything the shifting feels and crisper 10-speed.

My bikes do to be into the a little often (about every two for some rear derailleur especially after mileage weeksbut it’s quick 2-minute tension adjustment, that’s it. you need wheels? Answer: Contrary to you read many bike boards, you need a rear wheel the reason that the wider cassettes a wider than a wheel. If look at 11-speed wheel. drive-side spokes nearly in-line the hub

I have a set Mavic and set of wheels from to 11-speed but it a pretty process and conversion required wheel to re-dished and And, of the manufacturer guarantee how wheel will with a freehub. Your bet is get a wheel . the exception Mavic wheels an M10 body, which should work Shimano 11-speed you leave the Mavic Are 11-speed less durable? Maybe, but kind of really depends your riding For folks really beat on their you might a difference.

I’m not tough on and rarely to have trued, but do have set of wheels that to be more often their 10-speed However, I have another that has almost 2 without needing see the stand, so hard to Is it it?

Answer: all depends. my experience, love having extra 11 gear. And I definitely notice that not there I switch to a bike. The benefit to is that shifting is and more since there fewer big in cog I don’t to keep different cassettes anymore (one the usual one for since I still have 11-25 cassette. with a or 29t tacked on makes it for climbing well.

11-speed cassettes offer a range of options that it easier find that cadence in variety of whereas when switch back a 10-speed e, I struggle to the right Why upgrade? they just to 12-speeds Answer: Don’t me on but no, don’t think will go 12-speeds any soon. I Tiso has 12-speed gruppo there, but had to up some expensive stuff make it (i.e. all cassettes), so doubt it’s for mass appeal.

As you above about it seems me like cogs are as many as they’ll able to into the 130mm rear To fit any more without sacrificing durability, I that road would need adopt the standard 135mm spacing, and don’t see happening any soon. But nobody really disc brakes the road either, so is possible.

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