Pedego Trail Tracker Review

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Pedego Trail Tracker Review electric cruiser bicycle

Pedego Trail Review Pedego known for beach cruiser of electric has made brash move releasing a bike, a progression for company that its start beach bikes the Southern market. Now can buy Pedego Trail and feasibly the option rolling off strand and the beach some fun riding in sand. However, Pedego Trail is not for sand despite its tires. Pedego marketing the as more a trail The editor got take the Tracker on spin, and if it is an road machine, just aВ stylistic cruiser withВ over В balloonВ tires.

Fat Bike History of the new trends electric bikes Fat Electric Fat bikes with tires are 3.5 wide or Their higher is worthwhile places where local area a lot sand or Dan Hanebrink first the pedal-bike, and his Fat bike (read review ). mid drive remains one the best fat-bikes you buy, but a premium of over Surly started fat pedal crazy with affordable Pugsley fat-bike.

When saw this hit the I immediately an electric It became of my electric bikes, I converted a DIY It used high quality motor (read ) В and Rohloff, as 14 speed contained in hub В in rear. В This was expensive build, but achieved my aim which to ride electric bike the wet without the of corrosion my moving The only that required on my was lubricating chain.

The bike develop a of unsightly on any metal component brackets, etc). riding electric in the seems like glamorous activity…it at a of oxidizing new expensive bike. Fat usually do make much as a bike because all the drag and of the tires. В On bikes, because have a this weight drag does matter much. look of tires on bike is

Electric Surly Soon after started making pedal bikes, Sea followed with a version of made in fat bike spider tires. people I converted Tommi bikes into bikes В because their low Recently, Pedego up with Sea to an electric bike as joint project.

two companies В a dramatic out just few days Inter Bike В this summer. what I from anВ executiveВ at the dispute Tommi Sea to do front wheel and an hub sand and Pedego В to do tried and rear hub drive. The companies split both determined release their version of electric fat What resulted two veryВ similar fat-bikes on at Interbike. front wheel IGH Tommi E-monster and rear wheel Pedego Destroyer Tommi Sea enraged that used their name because is what company had one of pedal fat-bikes years.

Pedego they used name “Destroyer” Pedego recently the name their new to the Tracker”, which my opinion a better name anyway. Sea E-Monster is no lost between two companies…expect price war. Pedego said retail price В their Trail fat bike be $3,500.

The latest price I heard for bike today $2,800. The has not hit the yet so number might The Tommi E-monster is very similar and is in direct with the Both bikes made entirely China.

As this writing have an of В $3,195 Pedego Trail Features: 600 geared hub Pedego until has used but big heavy direct hub motors. their city we saw use a and small hub motor. Trail Tracker uses a hub motor this one rated for watts. Single Pedal System В can see the above that Pedego for a speed gear This makes on a wheel hub electric bike could potentially ridden in

Sand wreaks on a gearing system. therefore a speed is only “clean” on a wheel hub I personally the front drive route IGH ( Gear Hub the Rohloff in the

The single that Pedego chosen for bike is way too for normal riding. I when I the bike had a time pedal the bike the gearing not high For low trail riding hill climbing gearing is OK . drawback to speed is cannot have

48V / Lithium-ion battery Pedego Trail uses a / 10-Ah attached to bike via welded rear В This battery proven reliable other Pedego such as Interceptor and City Commuter Avid BB7 The Pedego Tracker uses BB7 brakes are top the line disc brakes, work great. is as as you go without В The BB7s finger adjustments both sides the rotor, therefore can adjusted quickly easily without

Spider Fat The Pedego Tracker has 26-inch Spider wide tires. tire is than the expensive Surly (3.6 inches), made by same company China (Innova) handles fine. it is full four wide it create nearly the drag tire noise standard mountain tire would

Also these bike tires not handle on the and are awkward in (they only to go a straight One thing take note that, even these are tires, because are so they effectively 29-inches in when totally So in this is 29er electric Hydro-form Alloy One of nice touches the Pedego tracker is uses hydroformed tubing, which a nice look to frame.

Also has done good job running many the unsightly through the tubing. Pedego smartly gone a steel fork, which to the of this especially when on gnarly roads. Aluminum have the to snap ridden hard can causeВ catastrophicВ injury. Controls Pedego decided to money on bike and on its

It has very simple cheap battery on the hand grip. uses a throttle also the right grip. Suspension Although the Trail Tracker with no suspension, the tires effectively you an of air Also the comes with springy seat a low suspension seat I could the seat annoyingВ squeakingВ noises when was riding, I could tell aВ noticeableВ difference ride cushiness.

The seat is an ableВ component which owner should A high suspension seat and a suspension seat go a way to out the in this suspension bike. recommend the seat-post if fits in budget.

Pedego gone the mile and a kickstand the Trail A kickstand not an accomplishment on fat bike they ride high. В The does an job of the heavy up even riding on or sand. The Pedego Tracker really ridden in Sand? In wet-packed sand the water, will have problem riding Trail Tracker the sand.

warned however, wet pack wreak havoc your components, the bike not stay and new. might even your Pedego As for on soft luck.

Pedego Trail Tracker Review electric cruiser bicycle

The is not back heavy its rear and rear it is not very This bike not ride in soft What about riding? The big fat are great for riding road. They provide you an inch suspension.

However with a hub В motor, will need pedal assist bike a to be effective off rider. В It be a whenВ climbingВ any kind hill because lacks the of a drive. Also of the hub motor, is a you could your motor on how you ride

The Pedego comes with one-yearВ warranty, and would be time to the hard to this riding off What about riding? Pedego’s is in commuting bikes, as the commuter and cruisers. The Tracker, despite name, is designed as cruising bike a hard-core blazer.

As city commuter bike will fine. The tires will you extra and the will perform What this is more than anything Its big and rugged will get a lot attention when Also this screams electric so forget being low and stealth.

Trail Tracker with a Pedego 48V mounted battery. is a cheap, В (and battery mounting that works В It is a purpose frame. The Tracker, like Pedego bikes, back heavy, all the bikes use hub motors rear mounted packs.

Because is a and unwieldy to begin the fact it is poorly balanced it especially to move For heavy trail riding will really the back nature of bike. For in soft you can about it.

back wheel sink in sand unless body weight under 150 Big В Bulky Like all bikes the Trail Tracker a very bike with big tires extended frame. has nearly same wheel as a bike without utility of cargo bike.

is hard move around, a lot space to and can a nuisance you are to load bike in Transit such a bus a subway. fat tires not fit standard bike , even letting the out of tires. В Know you are into…owning a bike can a hassle. Impressions The Tracker is louder than City Commuter other Pedego bikes I ridden, as be expected of the geared motor large tires. tires do a lot rolling resistance, and do handle very on street

Also for use I the bike pedal-geared higher that I comfortably В pedal-assist at speeds than 12-MPH. has a speed of around 20-MPH I am estimating because does not a speedometer. has ample for street and even climbing, although off road will wish had more. would expect get around 15 mile given the / 10-Ah (480 watt read our on watt and estimating Normally I expect more В but anticipate miles based the В extra resistance of tires, and difficulty in assisting this at cruising

In all, think the Trail Tracker a great around town but is powerful/torquey enough serious off or some the sand (unless its wet sand the beach). thanks to nice folks Electric Bike who let test ride E-bike hot the presses Pedego. This one of only dealers currently has Trail Tracker Stock.

Pedego Trail Tracker Review electric cruiser bicycle
Pedego Trail Tracker Review electric cruiser bicycle
Pedego Trail Tracker Review electric cruiser bicycle
Pedego Trail Tracker Review electric cruiser bicycle

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