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Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels

Патенты Описание распознан автоматически, в нем быть ошибки) States Patent Apr. 15, [54] RETRACTABLE TRAINING 2.541.952 Williams 280/296 WHEELS 3.642.305 Pawsat 280/293 Inventor: Kenneth Johannsen, ll l W. PATENTS OR Cedar Ln. Heights. lll. 4/1896 United 280/301 60007 lZ/l896 United l l93.906 France 280/293 Filed: July 1973 21 37 Primary Schonberg Assistant P. Silverstrim Application Data Agent, or Weiss, Whitesel Continuation of No.

120,606. 3. 1971. Pat. No. [57] ABSTRACT A An bracket is to a Struc [51]

Cl B62h B62h 7/00 member of bicycle Pivotal, to the held of 280/293 bracket a plate folds between raised or 280/150 A position and in either these two A second incorporates an [56] References able sliding which causes strut to fixed in STATES PATENTS a raised a lowered Auxiliary wheels 7/1897 Judge. are mounted the plate the first and 762.558 Rhodes r at the of the in the embodiment.

A 2 3/1916 280/293 third of the involves a on a which rotates a lowered into a n 1,855,172 Hess 280/293 1,966,205 7/1934 280/301 X Claims, 9 Figures 93 94 I r b F l 9e 1 1 51975 727 SHEETZBIQ 1 51975 727 SHEET Q5 ‘3 BIGYCLE TRAINING This is continuation of Ser. No. filed on

3. 197 now U.S. No. 3.746.367. invention relates auxiliary bicycle for stabilizing alignment of bicycle. and particularly to auxiliary wheels.

the inventive wheels are as training since this the most use of wheels. However. term is used to any auxiliary bicycle wheels of whether are used training a to ride bicycle. stabilizing a motorcycle. or like. Bicycle generally requires and balance. comes from experience. In to acquire experience. it common practice attach a of small. wheels at back of bicycle to stability despite inexperienced riders of balance.

attachment and of such is a consuming chore: the user reluctant to the wheels after the rider has his training. if someone wishes to the bicycle. has the of riding the training in place of not at all. addition. the needs and change; therefore. is desirable provide optional of training during a of time the beginner acquired some of basic but before is a experienced rider.

For example. beginner may able to two-wheeled over clean. dry. pavement. However. same beginner not ride over the surface covered a thin of loose . for Thus. it be desirable the beginner be able ride without wheels until comes to loose sand.

he should able to lower the wheels. and ride on he again to clean. pavement where training wheels raised and riding is The training in common are very unsuitable since tend to in planes are not parallel to planes of main bicycle Thus. the wheel tends drag slightly which often the wheel brackets. As brackets bend. dragging force the tendency bend the still further.

the training are a hinderance than Finally. these wheels should relatively low They are for only short period time. and beginner is to spend much for Thus. there the conflicting of sturdy. aligned. retractable which do cost very

Accordingly. there a need new and training wheels. greater detail. object is provide training which are to attach remove. sturdy to withstand abuse. and sell for low cost. addition. an is to wheels which so simple retract that a small can manipulate In particular. objective is provide a mechanism which not fail if a operates them an inept

Yet another is to training wheels may be at low on general machines. Here. object is provide training which may manufactured by company just such manufacturing without requiring substantial amount capital to enter the In keeping an aspect this invention. first embodiment an L-shaped attached to vertical structural of a

Pivotally attached thebracket is plate which between a or a position and in either these two A second incorporates an sliding collar attached to pipe carried the bracket. collar causes strut to fixed in a raised a lowered Training wheels mounted on plate in first embodiment at the of the in the embodiment.

The nature a preferred of the for accomplishing and other may be best from study of following description the attached in which: 1 is perspective view a bicycle a first of the attached thereto; 2 is side elevation of the embodiment showing parts with training wheel in a position; FIG; shows a attaching bracket which is to attach stabilize the wheels to bicylce: HO. is a view which the training of the embodiment in fully raised FIG. 4 a side view which a second of the with the wheels in fully lowered

FIG. 5 a side of the embodiment of training wheels a fully position: FIG. is a view of second embodiment the training in a retracted position;

7 is side elevation of a embodiment of invention with training wheels a fully position; and 8 is front elevation of a embodiment with training wheels a fully position; The of FIG. is here as includingthe frame 10. and back ll, 12, bars 13, l4, and 15.

In particular example. saddle 16 supported at points. first the vertical over pedals and associated A second supporting frame in the of a extends from back of saddle to rear axle This’particular type saddle is shown since is popular the age which is likely to training wheels. it should understood that saddles may be used. are provided removably and attaching a of training to the

More particularly. single. suitable 20 is exclusively to rear axle and stabilized an attachment touching but attached to bicycle frame Here. the for the bracket is provided by saddle support 17. In another type saddle is the stabilization the attachment may be by an with some structural member, as the wheel support The exact of the 20 should more apparent a study FIG.

2. greater detail. outer L-shaped has an member 26 a horizontal 2’7 joined substantially right and braced position by reinforcing plates tabs 28. outer tip the horizontal 27 bends somewhat. as 29. to a catch at 30. second and inner L-shaped is hinged bracket 20 the reinforcing or tabs More particularly. bracket 35 two members 37. preferably at 38. substantially a angle.

The outer of the 36 is. to a 39 which through the 28; therefore. can swing the position in FIG. in the A. The 37 includes aperture or suitable support for receiving axle for supporting a wheel 46. axle 45 a hub for capturing retaining the 46 in area defined. the inner by a or a 48.

The end of axel 45 captured and held in on bracket 37 by nut 49. the wheel is free rotate in unencumbered manner. foregoing use the terms and outer” for convenience expression only. should be that these terms depend the viewpoint by the In this case. these are used member 36 hinged at 39 which inside the formed by brackets 26.

Therefore. no significance should attached to particular use these terms. are provided latching the into either extended or retracted position. greater detail. first latch a bifurcated 56 rigidly to the 36. A member 57 pivotally attached the bifurcations means of pin 58. that the member may in the B. when lever 59 pushed in C. A spring inside post 56 forces the member 57 the capture seen in drawing.

A latch member (FIG. 3) a spring or captureing 6i (FIG. and a ball or member 62. cap 61 affixed to outer vertical member 26. the detent 62 is to the horizontal member When the 35 swings the extremity its motion direction A. ball 62 captured in spring clip (FIGS).

The used to the training exclusively to rear axle the bicycle vary. depending the bicycle structure- In detail. the 26 includes hold 65 is sized fitover the 18 of bicycle. The position of hole fixes elevation of trainingwheels relative the ground. it may desirable to a series holes for giving a adjustment.

FIG. shows a attaching bracket shaped to over the axle and and over training wheel member 26 on the axle. Thus, hole 65 fitted over axle 18 I) and the hole in bracket is also over the axle.

Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels

A first 68 of cruciform shape over a frame member strut 69a(- I). A arm 69 over the wheel bracket and the support 37. third arm fits over rearward extension the frame or strut Finally, the arm of cruciform shape fits over bracket member thereby giving stability to training wheels requiring any clamping to bicycle frame. se.

The contemplates supplying suitable number differently shaped. bracket plates as that in FIG. to fit bicycles. Thus. same training may be to virtually bicycle by simple expedient selecting and the proper bracket plate.

operation of training wheel mem’ ber now be When the wheels are use. they lowered to ground level the latch snaps over outer tip thus making locking engagement 30. Then. lever Wis in direction so that latch end the tip

As seen FIG. 3. wheel 46 then swing in the A. When wheel 46 the most position. the 62 is by the clamp 6i. are provided guarding nearby to preclude damage by projecting training mounts.

In detail. the of the -86 projects beyond the 29 of bracket. plate by a (1. Thus. tire provides soft and bumper which nearby objects damage by tip 29; second embodiment the invention seen in 4-6. Here. training wheel bracket comprises vertical tubular and a member 76 together at Pivotally :attached 78 to outer, extremity the arm is a support and strut 80 to a 81 sliding the vertical member 75.

vertical mounting 84 is at its end to tubular member by any means. such 85..A pair suitable coiled 82 are between a 63 on vertical mounting 84 and horizontal arm. coiled springs tensioned when training wheels are in lowered or position: therefore. springs tend raise the 36 unless are restrained a. lower The mounting plate84 includes hole 91 ting over axle 18 the bicycle . This plate 84 be attached the bicycle means of suitable attachment 66 (FIG.

2A) selected be fitted any particular frame. are provided selectively positioning training wheels either a or a position. In detail. the 8 includesa loaded pin which snaps holes 89, in the member 75. the pin be pulled and the 8H may raised to vicinity ofthe g9. under own spring

This way wheels 86 be lowered any of lower positions raised to retracted position FIG. 6. angle e the training 36 is that the tires are if the is ridden close to nearby object. third embodiment the invention seen in 7 and Here the wheel mounting comprises a rectangular. horizontally bracket 90 a hole one end fits over bicycle axle

If desired. clamp 92 be supplied the other of bracket to bolt a horizontal frame member However. this is not since stabilization be achieved the use the attachment plate of 2A. A mounting bracket is attached the first 90 by suitable means. as bolts

The lower of the 94 is circular. A somewhat circular 96 is positioned over circular end the plate An arm attached to 96 swings. a direction about an 98.

A loaded clip or latch be rotated pulled horizontally from the 96 to an interlatching between the plates 94, When the 97 swings its fully position. the 99 may releasedso that arm 97 locked in raised position. clip 99 spring loaded means such the schematically spring 106 normally forces pin 107 selected ones a plurality circularly disposed such as 108, in end 109 bracket 94.

end of arm 97 bent somewhat a horizontal to rotatably the hub a training 100. The may be in place any suitable such as cotter pin washer 101. operation. the 99 may lifted to pin 107 opening 109, the arm swung to raised or position when clip is to lock wheel. The position of training wheel shown by lines at

As best in FIG. in retracted 102. the tire of training wheel outwardly beyond metal parts that nearby are protected damage from metal parts. and further may readily to those are skilled the art. the appended are to construed to all equivalent which may within the and the of the 1 claim: Auxilliary bicycle comprising: mounting for mounting wheel holding on each of the axle of bicycle, said means comprising first bracket to the of said a second dependent therefrom. second bracket a circular thereon. a bracket with somewhat circular rotatably positioned said circular of said bracket. said bracket supporting auxilliary bicycle the relative between said and third moving said wheel between lowered. ground position and raised. retracted said somewhat endplate being at an relative to vertical position said bicycle. said auxilliary is horizontally from the wheel of bicycle when said lowered wheel axle for connecting auxilliary wheel the third so that periphery of auxillary wheel parallel to periphery of rear wheel said bicycle. in the position. and periphery of auxilliary wheel angularly disposed from the of said wheel when said retracted latch means latching said wheel in the lowered the retracted said latch comprising a loaded locking for releasably said circular against rotation to said plate in said retracted said lowered said locking being movable to both endplate and circular end extention through end plate holding contact openings in circular end said auxilliary is in said lowered said retracted

2. The bicycle wheels claim 1 said openings disposed to and capture pin under influence of spring loading. The auxiliary wheels of 2 wherein auxiliary wheels tires made resilient material. tires projecting from said when retracted make first with nearby if said is ridden close to nearby objects. protecting said from damage. The auxilliary wheel of 1 wherein latch means a third axle means. third bracket about said bracket axle and said means having latched position preventing rotation said third and an position for said third to rotate changethe position said auxilliary

Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels
Патент US3877727 - Retractable bicycle training wheels - Google Патенты bicycle training wheels

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