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MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike

Massachusetts Bay Authority Updated May Attention Customers Cyclists The is taking to further bike parking Effective May 1, bicyclists must either a OR a CharlieCard to of our Pedal  Park bike facilities. To now, please to: www.mbta.com/riding_the_t/bikes/register/ to congestion station platforms corridors, bicycles NOT allowed the following at any : are on all vehicles at times when folded. must be before passing through fare

A special commuter rail coach operates the Rockport from Memorial through Labor See latest Rail Schedules further information. RULES Subway Rail Enter through the fare gate.

your bicycle the stairs use elevators. not ride stations or escalators. Subway allow only bicycles per at the of the On Commuter please follow conductor’s instructions. with your and keep and doors

Be prepared wait for next train a train too crowded accommodate all and your Bicycles may prohibited if are too including during events. Seniors persons with have preference bicycles. Customers disabilities may bicycles on vehicles at times when to accommodate customer′s disability. under 16 be accompanied a parent legal guardian.

an emergency leave your on the and clear aisles and In the of a disruption, substitute bus service not have racks available. failing to by the or follow direction of officials are to removal the system.  the event severe weather, service may operate. Please ahead.

Bicycle racks mounted on of all buses. You bring a conventional bicycle on bus equipped a bike Remove bags loose items the bus

Wait until bus comes a complete and let bus driver you are to use bike rack. rack holds bicycles. If rack is please wait the next

Bicycles cannot brought inside bus at time. Folding may be inside any at any when completely Using the Bike Racks are responsible loading, securing, removing your Squeeze the in the of the and pull rack down flat. Place front wheel into the wheel slot.

the slot to the first. Pull support arm raise it over the tire, or lever to front tire. that your is secure. kneeling or out of driver′s line sight. Bikes be locked the rack.

Let the know where will be off, and near the of the to watch bike. The is not for stolen damaged bikes. through the door and the bus know you be removing bike. Raise support arm the tire, rotate the Lift your out of rack.

If rack is squeeze the in the and fold up until locks. Move bike onto curb and the bus know when are done. cross the in front the bus. traffic cannot around the

MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike

Wait for bus to before getting your bike.Bike facilities are at most stations for storage of on a come, first basis. Bike Over 95% MBTA stations have bike Covered bike is also at many to provide from the “Pedal Park” Parking Facilities of our are now with state-of-the-art bike parking called “Pedal or “Bike These fully facilities have video surveillance and controlled access for and security.

Park facilities now open Alewife and Hills Stations. April 16th Pedal  Park at South Braintree, and Grove. Between June September 2013, seven Pedal Parks open at Davis, Malden, Bay, Dudley, and Wonderland

The MBTA taking measures further enhance parking security. 1, 2013, must register Charliecard OR a CharlieCard before they able to these bike facilities. There be no and it further enhance MBTA’s efforts provide safe secure areas bike parking. Parking Rules your bike designated bike facilities.

Be careful to block access. Bicycles to handrails, doors, ramps, bus stops in any impeding access be removed notice. When doubt, ask station official.Lock frame and wheels with strong lock.

to Lock Your Bicycle motorized vehicles permitted in or parking including Pedal cages.Bicycles left over two will be abandoned and be removed donated to Not Bombs. report abandoned improperly parked call Customer Services at 222-3200.Record your serial number help us your bicycle case it stolen and Report stolen to MBTA Police at 222-1212. Please that the is not for loss, or damage any bicycle equipment on property.

Cyclists are responsible for damage to property and/or injury, loss damage sustained passengers or employees resulting cyclist′s negligence. more information our “Bikes the T” please contact our Planning Department email bicycle@mbta.com. Contact the statewide education and group, for about bicycle throughout the

How do I park bike at Park facility? 1, 2013, must register regular CharlieCard a Bike at www.mbta.com/riding_the_t/bikes/register .

MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike
MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike
MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike
MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike
MBTA > Riding the T > Bikes on the T commuter bicycle bike

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