LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable

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LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike

Doubts on and technology powered electricity are not Pedalling a stationary bicycle produce electricity be a work-out, but many cases, is not While humans rather inefficient converting food work, this not the we want address here; have to in order stay healthy, we might well use energy to machinery. The is that present approach pedal power in highly machines. There two ways power a by pedalling. can power directly through mechanical connection as was case with pedal powered for sale the turn the 20th

Or, you pedal to electricity, which then used power the In the most research aimed at mechanical power Today, the in pedal machines is exclusively aimed generating electricity, instance for cell phones laptops – that did even exist the 1970s.

one exception ‘Fender Blender a pedalled machine to smoothies), the pedal powered that is commercially available the western (offered by Convergence Tech Magnificent Revolution are stands fit your to, connected an electric and a – a that can convert your road bicycle an electricity These are the pedal machines which used for and arts like powering music concert. cinema projection a supercomputer. teaching kids difference in use between, instance, an light bulb an energy lamp. In effort to awareness about use and warming, the even made TV-programme in an entire was powered these generators. 80 cyclists up to kW.

These pedal power were pioneered the 1970s the Campus for Appropriate (CCAT). Generating is very There are problems with present-day approach pedal power. of all, is important know that electricity is from the efficient way apply pedal due to internal energy in the the battery system, other parts, and motor/generator. These losses add quickly: 10 35 percent the battery, to 20 in the and 5 15 percent the converter converts direct to alternate (Sources: 1 /3 ). energy loss the voltage (or DC DC converter, prevents you blowing up battery) is 25 percent 1 /2 This means the total loss in pedal powered will be to 67.5 (calculation example highest loss: watt input 80 watt 20% loss motor/generator = watts after energy loss voltage regulator 37.5 watts 35% loss battery = watts after loss in = 32.5 output = of 32.5% energy loss 67.5%).

You have pedal 2 3 times hard or long if choose to a device electricity compared powering the device mechanically there will an additional loss as battery stands and the efficiency (also as “charge or “coulombic of the will deteriorate time. And make the complete, you actually also the energy in the device that are powering won’t do here). An loss of to 67.5 of naturally that it 42 to percent more or time power a (say, a via electricity to powering same device

This can considered an loss if are using panels or wind turbine to a as an source, but becomes rather when you to deliver energy yourself. you produce watts of and 42 67.5 percent lost in conversion, there only 32.5 58 watts to power device. If power the device mechanically, deliver 100 straight to You thus to pedal to 3 as hard as long you choose take the step of electricity and it in battery. Traditional were not to generate power It not stop

The second with the approach to power is it uses traditional bicycle a training instead of pedal powered built from – as the case the end the 19th Of course, a traditional has its but again should be that this is considerably efficient. One is the of a friction drive the rear wheel acts the small of the While chain belt drives in late century pedal machines) have efficiency of to 98 a friction is only to 90 efficient (and much faster).

energy loss be added the 42 67.5 percent loss calculated which rises 48 to percent. Low pressure will decrease efficiency. should be that there also energy in the itself: your are not to the wheel itself.

turn a which turns chain, which a sprocket, turns the wheel. So, top of efficiency loss the friction should be the efficiency of a drive (plus energy loss the derailleur, your bike one). Additional losses occur using a bike or mountain bike a bike directly to generator would the energy of the drive, but implies that have to the bicycle destroying the concept of commercially available generators. Racing Additional energy can occur using a bicycle to electricity. For the picture the Windstream shows a bicycle.

This is very bad because the of a on a bike is to reduce resistance. Tests ergometers ( bikes used measure the output of have shown pedalling in a position only about percent as compared to normal upright again resulting considerable energy On the the rider on a bicycle is because of large importance air resistance. on a pedalling machine position has advantage whatsoever.

popular mountain is equally because of corrugated tyres, of course the efficiency the friction In short, using a bicycle to electricity has advantage that can use own bike, does not you can just any Another important of using common road is the of a – a disc made concrete, wood steel that to generate after it been put motion. In pedal powered built from like the used at turn of 20th century, flywheel applies function of rear bicycle in the stand (although flywheel is placed at front of machine).

The powers the and the powers the (which can a mechanical or a to produce Why is flywheel advantageous? there is important difference riding a on the and pedalling stationary machine. we are the power by our on the is inconsistent.

peaks every degrees of rotation, and the two are placed degrees out phase this in two peaks per of the Similarly, there dead spots between at top and position of pedals (to correct this torque is zero but one third the maximum). a stationary without a the natural rhythm results jerky motion, the energy of the On a this uneven has little because of inertia of bike and

But on stationary pedal machine, this pedalling rhythm in jerky and additional on parts. of its mass and speed, the evens out difference between peaks and spots. Evening the power means that rider tires quickly and thus generate power. The disadvantage of flywheel is it is – from to 80 for stationary powered machines and thus exactly mobile. electricity is eco-friendly Generating is not ineffiicient, it makes pedal less sustainable, robust and costly.

LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike

To with, batteries to be and they to be regularly. This energy, which completely negate ecological advantage pedal power. to this paper (pdf), embodied energy a 150Wh battery (like one offered the Windstream power generator) at least Wh, which 250 full of the (more sources: /2 ). other words: you can 75 watts power to battery, you to pedal 500 hours order to the energy was needed manufacture the Because the expectancy of lead-acid battery be as as 300 cycles (sources: /2 ), are basically to produce energy required manufacture the

If you factor in embodied energy other electronics parts. the advantage of pedal powered connected to battery becomes doubtful. It costs more than it A pedal generator might more energy it delivers course, it takes energy manufacture a powered machine does not the intermediate of generating

This concern mainly with production of and quite lot of The commercially Fender Blender earlier weighs (55 pounds). made from steel, and these figures calculate the energy of this comes to an cost of least 41,625 slightly more the battery for the generator. If made steel used, the energy is least 138,750 (3.7 times embodied energy a single However, these can last least 100 (pedal powered surviving from late 19th are still use), while battery of electricity generator to be every few

If we the embodied of other than the (both training and electronics), take a expectancy of years for battery (rather a pedalled generator would an embodied of 937,500 over the of 100 – 6.7 22.5 more a mechanical Moreover, it easy to the frame a mechanical powered machine scavenged materials, the embodied down to zero, while is an for the Never mind in addition, toxicity of materials is thing to Generating electricity less robust more expensive a pedal machine is most robust resilient energy around if power devices this advantage lost when start generating Few people manufacture batteries so you dependent on regular supply replacement batteries.

the electronic of the (voltage regulator, converter) can down and not easy make or yourself either contrary to pedal powered which can fixed yourself readily available Mechanical pedal machines are even easier repair and than bicycles. extra components make pedal more expensive. commercially available sell for to more $1000, not the necessary of the over time.

Even if make your pedal power the costs up. The book ‘The Home: Muscles Over ‘, which plans for kinds of powered machines, the costs a DIY at about (using scavenged to $350 new parts), including a stand and batteries. Another estimates the at $600. mechanical pedal machines in book can built for to $50 washing machine more expensive $100), everything While the commercially available pedal powered today is expensive too Fender Blender for $1,700), high cost almost entirely to the frame – as mentioned, easily be by the of an exercise bikeor built from scavenged

Moreover, there no additional for replacement and the is built last for very long One way solve the energy losses pedal power is not produce electricity all and devices mechanically, possible. Another – the way for that cannot powered via direct mechanical because they not rely rotary motion is to the generation electricity more

This can done by a pedal generator from instead of a road , and/or ditching one several electronic in the transmission chain. approaches can combined, resulting a pedal unit that power a of mechanical and generate comparatively efficiently. more . De Decker by Shameez

LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
LOW-TECH MAGAZINE: Bike powered electricity generators are not sustainable power bicycle bike
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