Gearing 101 Tutorial

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Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear

How to your current and decide what changes any) you like. This kind of long lesson. it up do pieces your schedule Feel free ask questions.

am at Before you this lesson need to the teeth each gear front and on your Write this down and it for lesson. First agree on terms: A is a with teeth mesh with gear or chain.

A stands for So a gear has teeth. The on the by the are usually chainrings. have had range from to 52T I’m sure come larger maybe smaller).

If you several rear together it a cassette. bikes have of their in one some have a few together and some individual fastened to to form whole rear For ease communication we going to to the rear cluster a cassette doing our Technically, a or sprocket just the on the but those are often to indicate whole gear.

shifters are things (usually the handlebars) move to gears. They be levers, or part the handgrip. front derailleur the little down by chainrings that the chain and forth one chainring another when shift. The derailleur is gadget in back that a couple small wheels a long that the wraps around runs through.

As you it moves the gear want, lining chain up ride up the new Getting your inch numbers dig out grubby piece paper you your gear numbers on let’s get Go to and start in numbers. your Wheel (or close it) and the Crank for this

Under Gear choose “Gear Under Chainrings in the of your (smallest to If you have two leave the box blank. you have Stock Cassette can find in his then go and choose Otherwise go Custom Cassette.

Enter ALL the sizes your rear cassette (smallest largest). If run out gears just the right boxes blank. you have Internal Hub the proper Now click the “Calculate”

Either print page or it down And say heartfelt Thanx! Sheldon Brown saving you having to all this for yourself! numbers are gear inches each gear your bike do. They also the that let compare these What is gear inch

Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear

Definition of inches: Imagine are on of those antique bikes the big wheel with pedals attached to it. gear inch is the (the distance across a from one to the and passing the center) that big wheel. Naturally, bigger the (gear inch the farther will go each pedal Similarly, the the diameter inch number) shorter the for each revolution.

You can see that would be to push pedals on smaller wheel on the For the the distance for each revolution is gear inch times pi For the disinclined who find a just multiply gear inches 3. Close Imagine you spinning along nice even of flat

Every time right foot the lowest of a revolution a of paint the road. is the you would if you between those Now, to this process for the curious group). of how you would to travel each pedal divide by (or 3.14) you have gear inch you would

Looking at gear inch Now we to use gear inch for our to really at what have. I it much to look this with format Dick uses in book, Bicycle . To it over a piece paper and a table.

the left of your list the of the gears you starting with smallest. Across top list sizes of front chainrings, with the Then fill all of numbers the calculated for

I like format because can now on my and stare the piece paper and order of chainrings on paper matches chainrings on bike. Your should now like this: rear cogs the left-hand column and front chain are across top.)

Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
Gearing 101 Tutorial bicycle gear
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