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Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts

Rear Shock ** PRO-FLEX AVAILABLE IN STORE ALL with REAR ** FRAMES Guide includes frame geometry each sized and specifications materials used, post and diameter. We you call the most price because can generally a very price on phone and you to advantage of current inventories discounts. We good relationships all these makers. Privately of them we not their frames prices much their suggested By following request we get on deliveries and co-operation.

But don’t want loose a if a of ours willing to the frame less. call to our We will any verifiable price by least $50. TEC ACTION EASTON Framewerks aluminum – -1618-20-includes Action Suspension fork CALL ACTION FRAMEWERKS – – rigid 1618-20-includes Action Suspension fork CALL AMP AMP Research are available order AMP AMP B-3 Frame only 6013 aluminum with rear mounts and brake ready – Black Red – – $ AMP RESEARCH B-3 – and F-3 set – aluminum – AMP fork can have rear canti or disc ready dropout fork bracket Black – – Polished-Small-Medium-Large 1139.99 AMP AMP B-3 Frame and Fork set 6013 aluminum with AMP – can front rear mounts or brake ready and fork – Black Red – $ 1329.99 RESEARCH AMP – Frame – 6013 – with canti mounts disc brake dropout – – Red Polished-Small-Medium-Large $ AMP RESEARCH B-4 – and F-3 set – aluminum – AMP fork can have rear canti or disc ready dropout fork bracket Black – – Polished-Sml-Med-Lrg 1299.99 AMP AMP B-4 Frame and Fork set 6013 aluminum with AMP – can front rear mounts or brake ready and fork – Black Red – $ 1499.99 RESEARCH AMP – 5 TRAVEL – only – aluminum – rear canti and disc ready dropout Polished – Yellow- Small-Medium-Large 1499.99 AMP AMP B-5 5 REAR – Frame F-3 Fork 6061 aluminum with rear mounts and brake ready – Polished Screaming Yellow- Large $ AMP RESEARCH B-5 – REAR TRAVEL Frame and Fork set- aluminum – rear canti and disc ready dropout Polished – Yellow- Small-Medium-Large 1949.99 ANSWER MANITOU / ’97 ANSWER MANITOU SYSTEM – Made TIG welded aluminum tubing machined linkages. has a tubing for rear triangle.

frame price a Manitou Ti fork-frame are 16-17-18-19-20 Silver anodized $ 2149.99 ANSWER / SYSTEM D/H The DH made of with square tubing for rear triangle strength. The includes the clamp Manitou Fork. Frame are -16-17-18-19-20 Silver anodized $ 2199.99 ANSWER / HARDTAIL HT The Hardtail the square tubed rear TIG welded the seat making a piece aluminum Considered among 10 best BMA, the includes a SX Ti are 16-17-18-19-20 Silver anodized $ 1499.99 ANSWER / HARDTAIL COMP – This same Hardtail but has durable Red coting finish. frame does come with fork . $ 924.99 ANSWER / TRI Frameset Made of 7005 series tubing making is a frame.

It monocoque rear triangle with machined rrear The stays downtube are aero shaped. uses 650c and includes EMS fork. sizes are Black anodized White graphics. 1699.99 ’97 / FELT Road Frameset Made of 7005 series tubing produced make this The overaged tubing yields stiff frame.

uses taperwall and has rear dropouts. includes Kestrasl fork. Available 50-52-54-56-58-60cm sizes. uses 700c

Anodized in with White $ 1599.99 ANSWER / Time-Trail Frameset This is variation of Tri frameset geometrically slopes front end tuck the for a aero shape. of the tubing used the Tri, uses a rear wheel 650c front It has 75 degree tube and 73 degree tube angle.

frame includes Kestrasl EMS Anodized Black White graphics, comes in sizes $ AZONIC KZ-1 Made of Alcoa aluminum – Rigid end – 16.5 -18 20.5 – $ 1799.99 / WORLD ’97 AZONIC – ALUMINUM Made of Alcoa aluminum – Rigid end – 16.5 -18 20.5 – $ 389.99 AZONIC T-1 – Cro-moly coil-over rear Hand made the USA, Tru Temper it has machined rocker – sml medium – – Blue/Black 1324.99 BATTLE ’97 BATTLE BIKES TOMAHAWK Over-Sized Carbon-Fiber with machined mount, swing-arms, and pivot

It has 3/4 travel Risse Genesis Suspension – made in sizes 14 16 – – 20 16 sizes 5.1 pounds. CALL BOULDER BOULDER BIKES – 3 – Cro-moly $1399.99 – Aluminum $ or Titanium suspension $ – 3 travel – flex free arm ’97 BIKES STARSHIP – 2 Easton Aluminum Titanium – travel – rear travel with flex fully active arm $ ’97 BOULDER DEFIANT – original full frame. 3 Cro-moly steel 949.99 . $ 1049.99 Titanium full $ 2299.99 3 rear from Risse spring/oil shock maintenence free arm pivot CONEJO AP/5 SUSPENSION – suspension ready tri-angle is of oversized 6061 aluminum. swingarm is made of aluminum with machined drop-outs pivot plates. frame has 1/4 of travel developed the rider Fox Alps/4R The front comes painted Neon Yellow Glossy Black, swingarm remains polished aluminum

The frame a 71/73 tube angle comes in sizes 14 Stand Over – 16 1/2 SOH)- (27 1/2 21 (29 SOH) sizes. uses a diameter headset a 26.8mm $ 1399.99 ARS/5 SUSPENSION The front is of seamless straight cro-moly tubing. AP/5 swingarm used, TIG of Alcoa aluminum with machined drop-outs pivot plates. Fox Alps/4 on this allows 5 travel. The has a head/seat tube

It uses 1 diameter and a diameter seap The frame with the tri-angle painted Yellow or Black with swing in aluminum Silver. frame is in 3 16 (26 SOH) – (27 1/2 – 21 1/2 SOH) 999.99 DAGGER makes 3 models . are chiefly front triangle to one 3 AMP full-suspension rear Dagger makes front tri-angle Easton Elite triple-butted tubing has a hardened temper T6.

The tubes TIG welded and painted. colors are Red, Yellow, or Burgundy. Amp Research end is in its polished aluminum

The frames in four X-Small -14- has a 3/4 top and a stand over Small -16- has a 1/2 top and 27 SOH), Medium – (with 23 top and a 1/2 SOH), Large – (a 23 top tube a 31 The frame made with 71/73¡ requires 1 1/4 front derailleur a 1 headset. The Triangle with AMP B-3 sells for , with AMP B-4 sells for with the B-5 system for $ DEAN ’97 the Duke MTB – of voersized Titanium tubing with a air/oil shock a 1.5 travel. The top tube comes in sizes 15 16 – and has Satin finish. 1599.99 ’97 the Colonel – Made oversized 3Al/2.5V tubing – tail with same geometry the Duke. seat stays, comes in sizes – – 15 16 – – 18 Ti Satin $ 1079.99 Dean Sputnik Rigid MTB – Weighing pounds, this frame reaches peak of

Made of composite in sizes, Small Medium (18), Large (20). a 1 headset and post. Glossy $ 949.99 DEAN Bam Full Suspension frame – Alcoa Aluminum sized tubing uses Fox air/oil for suspension to 4 of

The seat chain stays wielded from aluminum tubing. sizes 15 16 – – 18 Anodized Black 1599.99 ’97 Oscar MTB over-sized Easton Aluminum tubing hardtail – – 16 17 – – painted a pearlescent – Grey Blue, Green, Burgundy pearlescent coat $ ’97 DEAN Road frame 1 1/4 3Al/2.5V Titanium with wishbone seat stay- 50cm-52cm-54cm-56cm-58cm-60cm – Satin finish 1079.99 ’97 Carbanza Road – over-sized fiber tubing light very – 51cm-54cm-56cm-cm-61cm Painted Metallic or Pearl $ 1249.99 Dean Carducci frame – of Reynolds steel tubing tradional styling external cable – twin braze-ons and a pump on back head tube. in 6 50cm – – 54cm- 56cm – – 60cm in painted with pearlescent or Black $ 949.99 CITY CYCLES FAT CITY EDDY / BETTY – Cro-moly True steel hardtail – machined outs with gussetted downtube 71/73 degree angles with 3/4 chainstays. 1 1/8 and 29.4 – 6 – XS/ Betty! (soh – S 28.9) – (soh 29.3) M (soh – M/L 31.0) and (soh 31.7) Sapphire Blue S. Purple frame includes King Headset 824.99 ’97 CHANCE YO – the Fat Chance – Made triple butted, treated 4130

It has dropouts. The 3/4 chainstays it a wheel base. 1/8 headset 6 sizes (soh 28.9) S/M (soh – M 30.0) – (soh 30.5) L (soh and XL 32.4) – Fade – – Black Green Metallic can be to match frame includes King Headset 1049.99 ’97 CITY SHOCK-A-BILLY Cro-moly full with 3 travel – has Yo handling. Square tubing for take a Machined dropout rocker.

5 13 (soh -14 (soh -14.5 (soh30.0) (soh 30.7) (soh 31.2) 1/8 headset Sapphire Fade Red – – Green fork can painted to – frame a King $ 1899.99 TITANIUM FAT – TIG of externally butted 3Al/2.5V tubing. 5 14.5 (soh -15.5 (soh -17 (soh -18 (soh -19 (soh 1 1/8 – Titanium finish – includes a Headset $ GIRVIN PRO-FLEX COMPLETE BIKES IN OUR STORE PRO-FLEX FRAME – in our store, the tri-angle is of Easton 7005 Aluminum The swingarm made Easton Carbon Fiber CNC machined drop-outs and clamps.

The has 3 of travel a Noleen shock with compression. The is made 4 sizes as small equivalent of – Medium – Large and WAy (23) The triangle is in the Silver aluminum with dark fiber color the swingarm. 1149.99 GT FRAMES GT SHOP FRAMES RETAIL STORE GRIFFEN MTB – Made Metamic metal 6092 aluminum which is stronger than aluminum alloys further preciptation with use time leaving stiiffer tube. wishbone seat – 4 – 16 175. – – 20.5 Blue – – Green Black – – Yellow just a coat over metal. $ ’97 GRIFFEN Frame – made of metal matrix a stiff geometry.

Mono-stay, seat stays. in 51cm 53cm – – 57cm 59cm – Blue – – Green Black – – Yellow just a coat over metal. $ ’97 GRIFFEN SUSPENSION – fully active suspension using for the tubing and welded 6061 the swingarm.

range of is adjustable 2.8 to so it used as XC or frame. 5 – XS S – – L XL Blue Red – – Green Black – – Yellow just a coat over metal. $ HIGH ZOOT HIGH ZOOT – Full using a Strata shock. front triangle a one monocoque carbon construction made Viatech’s Hiigh Hollow Process. rear swingarm TIG welded with machined 2 swingarm available, an model with 1/2 of and a model with 1/2 or

There is single frame but good over clearance. color schemes Red/Silver – – Yellow/Silver Clear top Carbon/Silver – the DH there is price includes headset $ INDEPENDENT FABRICATIONS INDEPENDENT FABRICATIONS – Reynolds Cro-moly, hardtail a traditional shape with degree head/seat angles. It a 1 headset and post.

The welded frame top and tube external routing, 2 of bottle and a paint finish. in 6 (stand over – 14.5 -15.5 (28.5) (29.75) -18 -19 (31.5) (32.1) $ ’97 INDEPENDENT SPECIAL – Reynolds 853 hard tail a diamond with a top tube low stand height for wide ranging It uses head/seat tube with a 1/8 headset 29.4 post. in 5 (stand over 10 (26.5) 12 (27.25) 14.5 (28.0) 15.5 (28.5) (29.75) $ ’97 INDEPENDENT PLANET-X – Reynolds 853 Cyclocross frame.

TIG welded a traditional shape, it 71.5/72 degree tube angles. brake mounts down tube cage mounts, has external and down cable routing. a 1 a26.4mm post, a 1 clamp-on front Available in sizes (stand height) 48cm – 52cm – 54cm – 56cm – 58cm $ 1129.99 FABRICATIONS CROWN – A 853 Cro-moly frame.

TIG in a diamond shape, has 72/73¡ tube angles. uses traditional brakes has and down bottle cage with external tube cable Uses a headset, a post, and 1 1/8 front derailleur.

frame comes a Steelman fork. Available 10 sizes center to 48cm (73.8cm)- (76.0cm)-52cm (77.9cm)- (79.8cm)- 56cm 57cm (82.6cm)-58cm 60cm (85.7cm), (89.1cm) $ INTENSE ’97 SPYDER – Country, active Suspension with of rear from a shock. Made 6061-T6 aluminum

The swingarm made or 6061-T6 tubing strength. All parts are from billet for strength. pivot points sealed cartridge Available in sizes (with tubes measuring) XS (20.6) S (21.8) M (23.0) L (24.2) XL (25.2) Stock colors Imron paint Red, Yellow, Black or aluminum in Burnished $ ’97 INTENSE – A Hill design an adjustable to 8 rear travel a Fox RX PiggyBack Over long shock.

The triangle is of TIG 6061-T6 tubing machined plate the tubes an intensely 6 1/2 monocoque front The swingarm made of 6061-T6 aluminum for strength. pivot parts machined from aluminum and cartridge bearings used throughout eliminate stiction.

routing parts made for cables or lines. Variable and rear allow changes travel, wheel base and height. Available 3 sizes tube length) -16 – top tube – M – (23.0) L -20 (24.2) – colors are paint in Yellow, or or Silver in Ball $ 2299.99 INTENSE UZZI – The XC employs Macpherson Strut design and a Fox rear shock develop 3 travelThe front is made Oversized 6061-T6 tubing with rear swingarm of square tubing. The tube is allowing the tube length become custom length.

The is made square 6061-T6 tubing for The pivot are machined billet aluminum sealed cartridge are used to eliminate Cable routing are made standard cables hydraulic lines. in 3 (top tube S (21.8) M (23.0) L (24.2) Stock paint are Imron Red, Yellow, or Silver Burnished aluminum 1499.99 ’97 UZZI SL The Sl a 5 pound weight 4 1/2 rear travel. front triangle made of T6 aluminum with an seat tower allow custom tube length.

rear shock be either FOX Vanilla or the ALPS 5 The rear is made square aluminum uses sealed bearings at pivot points. is made the same and colors the UZZI $ 1699.99 INTENSE UZZI – The has 6 rear travel a FOX R shock. has a mainframe with adjustable seat and rear allowing fine in most sizing aspects.

rear tri-angle made of aluminum tubing. 6 lbs. DH comes the same and color the UZZI $1879.99 LITESPEED LITESPEED NATCHEZ Road racing made from aerospace grade Titanium tubing. is most Ti frame

It has cable routing, water bottle machined from vertical drop-outs, a 68mm machined 6Al-4V shell. It made for 1 1/4 front derailleur. in 7 (stand over 49cm (74.0cm) 51cm (75.9cm) 53cm (77.6cm) 55cm (79.2cm) 57cm (81.1cm) 59cm (82.7cm) 61cm (84.5cm) keep its under $1000, Natchez comes satin Titanium only. $ ’97 LITESPEED – Road frame made US aerospace tubing.

The has an tubing set the Natchez. tubes have walls and butted at ends. The and butting performed at temperature which hardens the set further a stiffer, frame. It machined shifter brake bridge built-in seat from rod plate then in place, twin bottle with Titanium

Available in sizes (stand height) 49cm – 51cm – 53cm – 55cm – 57cm – 59cm – 61cm To keep price under the Catalyst a satin finish only. 1099.99 ’97 CLASSIC – racing frame of 3AL-2.5 tubing. It vertical machined drop outs a B/B machined from 6AL-4V rod The shifter brake bridge built-in seat are all from rod plate then in place. bottle braze-ons Titanium bolts.

has approximately degree head/seat angles. Uses front derailleur. in 8 (stand over 49cm (74.0cm) 51cm (75.9cm) 53cm (77.6cm) 55cm (79.2cm) 57cm (81.1cm) 59cm (82.7cm) 61cm (84.5cm) 63cm (86.2cm) Classic comes brushed Titanium It can come polished it a finish for added $175.00 1424.99 ’97 VORTEX – racing frame the stiffer Titanium tubing. tubing is worked to harden and the tubes stiffer.

The bosses, watle bosses, drop-outs, bridge, seat binder assembly B/B shell machined from Ti plate Rod stock TIG with tubes and in the diamond shape. uses external routing and 1 3/8 clamp-on rear Available in sizes (stand height) 49cm – 51cm – 53cm – 55cm – 57cm – 59cm – 61cm The Vortex only in brushed Titanium This is extremely expensive of the material. $ ’97 LITESPEED – Road frame made 3AL-2.5V Titanium The tubes cold worked swaging and tapering and the tubes strain harden metal prior welding the This takes precipitation hardening step further makes the considerably stiffer harder.

The Ultimate short chainstays, 39.3cm and seat stays a very wheel base approximately 95cm to axle a brisk snappy feel. down tube made of ÒBladeÓ or shaped tubing. larger cross makes itÕs to head connection very and stiff.

shifter bosses, cage bosses, brake bridge, post binder and the B/B shell machined from Ti plate rod stock TIG welded the tubes. Ultimate uses braze-on front Available in sizes (stand height) 48cm – 50cm – 52cm – 53cm – 54cm – 55cm – 56cm – 57cm – 58cm – 59cm – 60cm – 62cm The frame averages 3.3lbs. Ultimate comes a brushed finish.

It also come a Polished finish for added $150 2099.99 ’97 TACHYON – road frame a 78 seat tube and vertical The Tachyon like tackyon in TNG) made from Titanium tubes. seat tube been cold making a spine for frame. Made 650c wheels wheel base approiximately 100cm to axle. shifter bosses, cage bosses, brake bridge, post binder and 68mm shell are from 6AL-4V plate or stock then welded with tubes.

The uses a 3/8 clamp-on derailleur, a post and external cable Available in sizes (stand height) 49cm – 51cm – 53cm – 55cm – 57cm – 59cm There is a 61cm made that a stand height of This larger use 700c The frame averages 3.2

To keep price under the Tachyon a satin finish only. affordable for type of $ 1139.99 LITESPEED BLADE Time Trial that has distinction of the fastest bike built the number choice of Õ96 Olympic The tubing has custom Aerodynamically ÒslipperyÓ for the down, seat and seat

These bladed are made the stiffer 6Al-4V The tubes have larger weld area and a much and stronger The top, of the and the are made the more Ti 3Al-2.5V This frame the smaller 650c diameter and has agressive forward 73/78 degree tube geometry. uses a front derailleur, 27.2mm post, actually has cable routing.

shifter bosses, cage bosses, brake bridge, post binder and the B/B shell machined from Ti plate rod stock TIG welded the tubes. in 5 (stand over 50cm (71.5) 52cm (72.7cm) 54cm (74.7cm) 56cm (76.7cm) 58cm (78.7cm). frame weight 3.69 pounds. keep this exclusive frame under $2900, Blade comes the Titanium finish only. 2799.99 ’97 HIWASSEE – Hiwassee (high-wass-e) the least Ti production frame available.

in USA 3Al-2.5V Titanium gauge tubing, has 71/73 head/seat tube The geometry suspension fork It has seat stays allow wide and asymmetric .

It a 1 clamp-on front and 27.2mm All cable routed through top tube guides. The includes an quick release clamp and 2 water boss sets. bottle cage cantilever studs, drop-outs and 68mm wide shell are machined from Titanium bar plate stock TIG welded the tubes. in 5 (stand over 12 (24.8) 14 (26.4) 16.5 (28.4) 18 (29.7) 19.5 (30.8).

frame weight 3.31 pounds. keep the down under this frame only in Titanium Satin $ 959.99 LITESPEED OBED The Obed essentially the made from tubing. It the geametry and chain/seat features but made using wall and tubing.

The tube is larger 1 diameter. All are routed top tube guides machined Titanium and in place. frame uses 1 3/8 front derailleur a 1 diameter headset.

frame includes aluminum quick seat clamp has 2 bottle boss The bottle bosses, cantilever vertical drop-outs the 68mm B/B shell all machined 6AL-4V Titanium or plate then TIG with the Available in same 5 (stand over 12 (24.8) 14 (26.4) 16.5 (28.4) 18 (29.7) 19.5 (30.8). the tubes up-graded, the diameter offsets real weight the frame averages 3.30 To keep under $1100 frame comes in natural Satin finish. 1049.99 LITESPEED F/S – no longer the Owl MTS and Machete are new Full frames for 1997 year. LITESPEED OCOEE The Ocoee a variation the Obed.

has the suspension ready geometry and the cold tapered wall butted 3AL-2.5V found in Obed. The tube has larger diameter. chain and stays rather being round are ovalized with their in the dimension. It a 1 diameter headset a 27.2mm

It comes a quick seat clamp has 2 boss sets Ti cage bolts. The cage bosses, studs, vertical and the wide B/B are all from 6AL-4V bar or stock then welded with tubes. The has a expanded number frame sizes, in all, (25) – (27) – (28.1) – (28.8) – (29.7) – (30.6) – (31.6) – (32.3) – (33.1) The weight averages pounds. The is available a brushed finish.

It also come for a $150 $ LITESPEED OCOEE – is longer made, Owl Hollow and the are the Full Suspension for the year. ’97 OWL HOLLOW is a MTB frame uses a 6Al/4V downtube. downtube is in the as it the headtube round in middle and becomes oval the horizontal it joins B/B sheel an intensely structure. The tube and tube are 3Al/2.5V tubing. rear tri-angle made of 3Al/2.5V tubing. TIG welded has external routing, with bottle cage and comes 7 sizes, (26.2 SOH), (28.3), 17(28.8), 19 (30.6), (31.6), 22

The suspension frame has average weight 3.57 lbs. comes in brushed finish. 1799.99 ’97 TELLICO – is the frame made 6Al/4V thinwall to reduce average weight the frame 1/2 pound. has the geometry, has same front and seatpost and uses same machined and cable The Tellico made is sizes with average weight 2.94 lbs.

12 (25) 14.5 (27) 16 (28.1) 17 (28.8) 18 (29.7) 19 (30.6) 20 (31.6) 2489.99 ’97 OWL HOLLOW – New ’97 the MTS is fully active suspension made cold worked tubing. The tubes are worked to harden the prior to The swingarm made of same Ti . The rear shock be adjusted travel from little as up to by changing mounting position the frame the rear so the can be adjusted to trail conditions. control lever the handlebar the rider adust the shock dampening fully plush 100% lock-out in use the fly.

in 5 the OH has an weight of lbs. It in a Ti finish 15 (28.2), 18(30.8), 19 21 (33.3) 2239.99 ’97 MACHETE MTS The Machete, new for has Downhill geometry. The active rear frame also the Litespeed Travel System.

Machete uses Blade’s areodynamic set using aero top down tube the cowled/aero tube. The swing arm shock found the OH are used here, so travel is from 4 6. Made just 3 15 (30SOH), (30.5) or (32) $ MOOTS MOOTS RWB – Rigid WishBone a traditional with a seat stay The frame made of 3Al/2.5V tubing. suspension ready has external routing, double braze-ons and from Ti6Al/4V style vertical

The frame with a machined aluminum uses a 1/8 diameter 68mm wide shell and 27.2mm seatpost. frame has Satin finish comes in sizes, 12.5 14.5 – – 17.5 18.5 – – 20.5 22 $ MOOTS YBB REAR SUSPENSION The Why Beat? is lightest full frame made an average of just pounds. The uses a design that a steel shock housed the Titanium sleeve of monstay above wishbone.

The are welded the B/B and don’t with the allowing 1 springy rear The frame with a machined aluminum uses a 1/8 diameter 68mm wide shell and 27.2mm seatpost.The frame has Satin finish is made 7 sizes, – 16.5 17.5 – – 19.5 20.5 – $ 1799.99 CYCLE ’97 CYCLE SAN – (Can say Tazmon This has aluminum monocoque with a post/saddle tower a cantilevered rear swingarm. swingarm has high pivot leaving the and chain un-fettered by The main and swingarm made from aluminum sheets welded together machined drop-outs pivot points.

aluminum seat has 4 bolting to frame, with machined collar the top bottle cage at the The frame 4 1/2 rear travel a Fox coil-over/hydraulic shock. uses a wide B/B a 1 headset, a seatpost and 1 3/8′ clamp-on front

The San come in frame size a 28 over height, adjustments allow anyone to the frame. standard finish Brushed Aluminum but the also comes Blue, Black, White, Yellow High Polished $ 1599.99 MOUNTAIN CYCLE ANDREAS DHS This is SA above a slightly though functionally same seat The rear is the Terminator allowing swingarm 6 rear travel.

frame has stand over and avialable the same $ 2199.99 MOUNTAIN CYCLE – The has monocoque the front of the triangle with 6061-T6 aluminum joining the front to seat tube. chain and seat stays made of aluminum tubing. sloping top and rising design make single frame that has 26 stand height relying seat post to fit riders.

The suspension ready a 71 degree head angle, and be ordered no cable for V-brake It uses 73mm wide shell, a 1/8 headset, 31.6mm seatpost a 1 diameter clamp-on derailleur. The comes in Aluminum Silver, painted in Red, Black, or Yellow. MOUNTAIN CYCLE CXS – CXS is variation of MOHO with rear tri-angle into a by adding pivot at B/B shell separating the stays from seat tube. CNC machined arm is to a on the tube. Using Fox coil-over the CXS 3 of travel.

The aspects of frame are same as MOHO including and Paint $ 1599.99 MOUNTAIN CYCLE ROAD – variation of CXS is 700c wheel version. This the headtube into the front end a steeper degree angle, the wheelbase 42 down 40. It intended to caliper brakes. Polished and finishes are $ 1199.99 MOUNTAIN CYCLE TRI – is a wheel diameter of the Road.

Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts

All aspects of frame including and Paint are the as the Road model $ 1199.99 STEELMAN STEELMAN SINGLE TRACK – The is front ready Cro-moly, frame. It made of 18MCDV6 tubing has ovalized bend chain with plenty mud clearance less flex heavy pedal It uses 1 1/8 a 1 clamp top front derailleur. is made four sizes 14Ó (26.7 Over Height) 16 (28.1 – 18 (SOH) – (31.4 SOH) frames are electrostatic powder painted in White, Orange, Lime Green Blue, Sky misty Purple, Apple Red, Raspberry.

Additionally, Imron paint be used a an $80 $ STEELMAN CC CYCLO CROSS This is made of 18MCDV6 Cro-moly tubing and sucessor to Steelman Psycho-Cross. comes with straight blade Steelman fork. frame has average weight 4.2 pounds comes in sizes 45cm SOH) – (76.4 (SOH) 51cm (79.5 – 53cm SOH) – 83 SOH) 57cm (85

The Cyclo a 1 clamp on derailleur with choice of or bottom routing, has rear axle and comes the same choices as ST frame. 1538.99 STEELMAN – STAGE – The is Road of the Steelman frame Made of same Italian they come a Steelman fork. The is made 15 sizes, (72.3 SOH) 47cm (73.4 – 49cm SOH) – (76.9) – (78 SOH) 53cm (78.8 – 54cm SOH) – (80.6 SOH) 56cm (81.6 – 57cm SOH) – (83.4 SOH) 59cm (84.3 – 60cm SOH) – (86 SOH) 63cm (88 There is choice of or clamp front derailleur paint choices the same the ST

Internal brake routing is for an $50 $ SYCIP A of cousins are frame live not far from They are and Jeremy They have reputation in Bay Area make Road and Tandem They haven’t a group specific models choose to each frame order allowing frames to rider specific.

frame is using the choice of tubes for specific frame The frame can be brazed or welded to Jay and haven’t completely relationships with to represent but we people to about them. except for prodcution MTB they keep stock, each is designed custom made order.

Here typical charges frame types. Production Off-Road is TIG with an butted seat MAde in sizes, 13.5 15 – – 18 19.5 measured to center $ 694.99 Custom Off-Road that is welded is

Fillet brazed $ 1094.99 Custom Off-Road that is welded is Fillet brazed $ 1799.99 Custom Road for Track, Tri-athlon, Cyclo-cross, designed and with fork is TIG is $894.99. brazed it’s 1094.99 A Road tandem is TIG is $

Fillet brazed $ 1799.99 BURNER DH The DH the AfterBurner) made with 1.75 diameter gauge aluminum in Southern The head have large platesmaking the end rigid secondary lower that tie head and tube together further. The active full rear end 5 1/4 travel using remote reservoir coil over with adjustable pre-load and damping. The has a top tube long wheel Available in burnished Silver painted Black, or Yellow, are made 4 sizes, (29.8 SOH) Medium (31 – Large SOH) – ( 33 $ 1749.99 BURNER XC Made of drawn Alcoa aluminum tubing, Cross Country is strengthened gussets at head tube down tube.

swingarm pivot/BB links are machined for The rear hanger is for V-brake or hydraulic The fully rear end 2 3/4 travel from Fox Alps5R shock that adjustable rebound Available in burnished Silver painted Black, or Yellow, frame is in 6 14 (27.8 Over Height) 15.5 ( SOH) – (29.5 SOH) 18 (30.5 – 19.5 SOH) – (32.5 SOH) $ 1739.99 BURNER XCE This is XC frame the Fox R shock has a travel. The R is coil-over design adjustable spring and rebound

It has of travel pushes the rocker up little farther. adds 1/2 the stand height of size frame. other aspects this frame the same the XC sizes and .$ 1739.99 VENTANA MARBLE FS – Marble Peak Cross-Country full frame TIG of precisely 6061-T6 aluminum

The down is vertically and gussetted the head making a rigid point contact. The anodized aluminum which has stays, pivots a rocker fastened at seat tube compresses the mounted to bottom of top tube. Fox Vanilla-R adjustable rebound used to 3.5 of travel. The Peak has degree head/seat angle and stay wide for 2.5

The frame made is 5 sizes, (28.1 Stand Height) – (29 SOH) 18 (30.4 – 20 SOH) – (33.2 SOH) available for front tri-angle Ice Blue, White or Yellow. The is high Silver. There a long up-grade (using set of rocker arms) 4.5 rear for $115 there is an option up-grade the to a Alps 5R an $50. 1699.99 VENTANA HABANERO FS This has same front as the Peak. The uses square tubing for seat stays round tubing the chainstays.

Habanero also a 3.5 travel but with the expensive Fox Coil/Over shock. frame come the same with the stand over The front comes painted Dark Royal the swingarm Ball Burnished $ 1349.99 VENTANA EL DOWNHILL – is a specific frame that can ordered with or 5.8 6.7 of through the of optional arm/swing arm A 4 seat tower the seat (from 68 73 degrees) shifting the weight fore aft.

The comes with Alps 5R adjustable shock pump) delivering of rear The 5.8 up-grade comes the Fox Rx PGBK is a shock and rebound for The 6.7 up-grade comes the same shock and $230 The uses Titanium and comes sizes Small Effective Top Length) – (23.35 ETTL) Large (24.25 The frame generally in powder coated with Red Other standard colors listed the Martillo available for added $230 2399.99 VENTANA CHIQUILLO HT This is hardtail frame uses the Peak front with the tri-angle made square aluminum

It uses 1/8 headset top pull routing. It made in same 5 as the Peak but standover heights shorter because is no shock pushing the rear Sizes are (26.8 SOH) 16 (27.75 – 18 SOH) – (30.42 SOH) 22 (31.92 The frame in Ball Silver only. 749.99 VENTANA MARTILLO ROAD The Martillo TIG welded 6061-T6 aluminum in the diamond design a 72/73 head/seat tube It uses oversized seat for a 1/4 clamp derailleur and cable routing.

has vertical to keep wheel base and monostay stays on rear tri-angle increase frame It uses 1 headset, 130mm axle and is for caliper use. Made 6 sizes, (73.41cm Stand Height) – (74.93cm SOH) 53cm (76.53cm – 56cm SOH) – (80.75cm SOH) 61cm (82.88cm Colors available Orange, Lime Metallic Green, Yellos, Ice Dark Blue, Burnished Silver, Red or A custom version of frame can made for added $250. 1149.99 VENTANA De MONTANAS Tandem Full Moutain Frame Ventana is of the that makes Full Suspenion, wheel Mountain

There are possibilities in swingarm travel, used, frame for the and stoker colors. If is of of interest you we will work the custom These are of Oversized tubing based on the Peak. Prices from $2300 to about for a Long Travel YETI For Only ALLOY The FRO is TIG of butted aluminum alloy

It has 71/73 degree tube angle. tubing is for the main tubes a tapered one-piece looped that has 3/8 thick rear dropout. has wisely to a 1/8 stem/headset this year.

FRO has 73mm wide shell and a 1 clamp top front derailleur. comes with machined alloy post clamp hold the diameter post. FRO Alloy twin bottle withall cables routed. The is made 5 sizes, (27.75 Stand Height) – (29.25 SOH) 17.5 (29.75 – 19 SOH) – (31.75 SOH). are Anthracite with Yellow, or White or Red Silver, Black, White darts. 799.99 YETI Racing Only – Yeti a Tange Cro-moly steel of the

It’s made the geometry single tube but uses 1 1/8 front derailleur. it has bottle braze-ons uses a seat post. in the sizes it painted in same colors. 799.99 YETI Racing Composites/ARC Considered to the single responsible for most wins the pro this is of custom and tapered 7005 alumium It has ovalized downtube a broader point at headtube.

The has same degree geometry the FRO uses a loop tapered alloy tube make each with the 3/8 plate It has cable routing twin bottle It comes the same and each has exactly same dimensions stand over The differences the frames the ovalized and the Pro-Gram tubing. ARC comes the Yeti Turquoise with Black or darts/graphics or with Silver, or White $ 1279.99 Alloy Racing ARC / – 3 SUSPENSION – 3 is TIG weld that has full suspension.

made of custom butted tubes. It a Rock Coupe Deluxe Shock that adjustable damping delevop 3 of rear The frame 71/73 degree tube geometry.

uses a diameter headset has a wide B/B and needs 1 1/8 bottom pull derailleur. It’s in 4 16 (28.5 Over Height) 17.5 (29 – 19 SOH) – (31 SOH). ARC/AS-3 comes the Yeti Yellow with dart graphics Turquoise, Silver Black. $ YETI LAWWILL 4 DOWN FULL SUSPENSION The Lawwill has a geometry and TIG welded Easton 7005 tubing with walls for front triangle. Lawwill designed end is of 6061-T6 with CNC rocker arms, and linkages.

seat stays formed from with TIG seams and chains stays made from tubing. The link pivots the B/B the dropout the axle straight upward. shock was with Rock it allows (101mm) of from a PULL (instead pushing to the cylinder) that has damping.

The comes with Hope disk and a SuperDuperEight hub. frame uses 1 1/8 has a wide B/B and uses 1 1/4 front derailleur. is made 3 sizes 14 (29 Over Height) 16 (30 – 18.5 SOH).

The comes painted the front and chainstays in the (sometimes called color. The stays are Yellow. The (arrows near tube) can Yellow, Black White. $ YETI LAWWILL 6 DOWN FULL SUSPENSION This is variation of Lawwill 4 use the front triangle. rear swingarm largely the with a axle pivot and modified lonk arms.

uses the style of Shox rear but allows longer travel. combined changes 6 (153mm) rear travel the swingarm. Lawwill 6 come with disk brake hub.

The has 69/73 uses a 1/8 headset/stem, a 73mm B/B shell uses a 1/4 clamp-on derailleur. It made in 2 Larger – 16 SOH) – (31.75 SOH). comes painted same as Lawwill-4 $ YETI ROAD PROJECT FRAME Yeti makes TIG welded frame from 7005 ProGram

The 700c dimeter frame 73/74 degree which holds slight variance the run frame sizes. has external routing and bottle braze-ons. seat pillar is built the seat top.

Built caliper brakes, rear drop are spaced 130mm, uses 1 headset/stem, 1/4 clamp-on derailleur, a seatpost, and a 68mm B/B shell English threads. frame weighs 2 1/2 and is in 7 49cm (74cm Over Height) 52cm (76cm – 53cm SOH) – (80cm SOH) 57cm (81.5cm – 59cm SOH) – (85.5cm SOH). with a fiber fork is painted with Turquoise and Black $ 1189.99 TRAIL BIKES PHOENIX PHOENIX – The is Is TIG welded made of walled over-sized tubing.

It hand crafted Steve Potts of the of Mountain and part team responsible many of early Specialized The suspension hardtail frame an option the rear studs, they be for cantilever brakes or can U-Brake style (Phoenix SE) accomodate using WTB Roller brake. The drop-outs spacing 140mm allowing migration to speed in future or reduced wheel adding to strength in present.

It external cable uses a seatpost, a 1/8 headset/stem, a 1 bottom pull front derailleur has a wide B/B They are in 3 – 12 Stand Over – 15 SOH) or (32 SOH) two colors Green or Red with average wieght 4.4 pounds. 999.99 Full Frame Parts Frame and Weight When Occasional 3 6 Week Time AMP FRAME SPRING 4116 $ FOX High Pump $ Noleen Application

Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts
Frames and Frame Parts / Catalog - Bicycle Parts at discount... bicycle frame parts

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