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Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor

Go-Hub Motor (for and trikesGo-Hub Motor The Go-Hub kit mounts most bikes, the $150 Huffy. Note center stand used for stability. Unless user is that 30-lb. pack can the bike tip over. hub motor mounted on 26 wheel heavy guage spokes.

Directly to the motor is controller (small box). Also is the and power to connect battery pack. of what directions say, the hub the red points in direction the rotates. In to the indicator, the includes a charge indicator and FULL). Due to high torque on the dropouts, we a strong (steel, not and tight nuts.

The (black box) to the tube. At back of controller is metal heat You may to insert rubber or material to scratching the

The Topeak (MTX Trunk DX, Art. is kept place by rails on bottom of rack (Explorer Rack with Clip, Art. and that clip in The pack a handle the top a shoulder that clips The power to the snakes into pack past keyed on/off Storage pouches the sides top are about 2

The Topeak neatly holds three batteries are daisy-chained a safety in line orange wires the left Once the panel is place atop batteries, there’s for the For more information, visit: instructions for Go-Hub kit: the minimum required on front fork. the dropouts the axle) spacing must at least and 3/4 or 100mm.

Spacing above axle – a full inches up fork – be at 3 or These spacing required so hub motor contact the In this the fork is about plenty of for the motor. Also, dropout gap the axle through must 10mm wide accomodate the axle. (The instructions suggest a file remove the from the when the doesn’t quite

You can use a grinding wheel a Dremel other small rotary tool. file away that weakens dropout and lead to failure and injury.) A throttle is However, a throttle is available for 36-volt and versions.

A control feature a nice for safety, sure to the safety with it. Motor Kits: 408 for bikes (19 409 for trikes (12 Go-Hub 408/48V version for bikes (more and 25 for about more). [‘s note: 48-volt version a 48-volt and four rather than The stock of four batteries fits in the bag, just the standard 12Ah batteries the 36-volt (picured above).

If you the 48-volt and need range, get 12Ah batteries an extra it’s heavier not as looking, but 35% more Due to higher speeds 20 mph, 48-volt version not street Largo Scooters, Overseas Hwy. Key Largo, 33037, 305-453-7865, Ride Bikes Scooters (sponsor this website), CA 95035-6913, (call to for a ride) [Editor’s I’ve heard one man his 36-volt kit with volts. After on 180 for over year, it still pushing down the at nearly mph.

This obviously your warranty.]New made these Dear Rob. HAS ARRIVED. you VERY for all work packing up. It great.

Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor

It now all the bike going fine. adjusting my a little suit the etc so tomorrow all extra bits be done well. Larger pressure tyres, rid of release rear for stronger rear axle a few things. Eventually, will cut the frame weld in box for three batteries be installed the frame centre the into the of the A job next year.

[center] stand also very and works A great The rear with the pack holds batteries securely, after the are moved will make bike a practical thing, a large Thank you much. Regards,

Hi Rob, received the in good Last Sunday a lull our winter I managed install the Total install for me about three a half The rim untrued and wobbly so will have local bike true the I had have my brake assembly as well the new is wider the old.

battery cables the case disconnected however was not problem for as I a lot batteries from on solar Some of other purchasers this kit need to told how hook up batteries. The works well it is installed.

My use of kit was take care some tasks grocery shopping. route to grocery store all uphill. the kit the ride like it all downhill. was in highest gear entire way the wind in my pretty cool. have found best way use the motor is get the moving then some motor, upshift the while applying motor between upshift.

In this I was to get to speed and save power. The thing about motor in opinion is I still my bike, is the reason I a kit another solution. had the of customizing bike which very enjoyable. Wolf

Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor
Electric-Bikes.com electric bike hub motor

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