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Drag Racing: Bike Edition Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide | Gamezebo race bike

User Rating 2 Ratings Game Introduction Drag Racing: Edition Welcome the quick guide for Racing: Bike . a where you customize your and then against other to earn that you use to your own Challenge other to tournaments work your up the or travel world in mode. Quick Guide Getting Cash: Cash the currency Drag Racing: Edition . is used purchase new upgrade your purchase nitro, your bike, tuning your Cash is by winning against other betting on and winning in career The Lobby: lobby is main screen you will each time load the

Here you view your your bike change which you wish race with, races, the the garage, the lounge. Your bike what you be racing You bike three stats: weight, and You will to purchase and keep stats balanced have the shot at races.

Shop: shop is you can and sell bikes. You also test any bike are considering You can purchase nitro

Garage: The is where can customize bike. You purchase upgrades, your bike, fine tune here. Upgrade: your bike(s) give you edge in

As you new levels career mode, will need upgrade your or you be left the dust. Engine upgrades you to your engine ECU. These will increase bhp but careful, some the upgrades increase the of your

Exhaust: Under exhaust tab can purchase for your exhaust. These will increase bhp and of them decrease the of your Nitro: Here can upgrade bikes nitrous Using nitro racing will you a speed boost. can increase boost that receive and number of used when by purchasing upgrades.

Turbo: turbo items increase the of your Weight: Here can purchase to decrease weight of bike. Wheels: better wheels increase the of your Gearbox: Items here will your acceleration.

Race: There numerous types races you participate in. can race career mode, challenge other to races. There are course lengths choose from you have option to You can between ½ ¼ mile, 1/8 mile Tuning: Under tune menu can fine your bike(s).

can make to the sprocket, rear nitro duration, tire pressure. you save tweaks, you test drive bike and how well does. You also reset bike back default settings you are with your Please note making changes your bike cost you Career: Career takes you the world, against numerous opponents.

Please the section career mode more information. Course: Training allow you familiarize yourself the game without penalty. can still small amounts cash on courses as On the menu you select the of the track on left side the screen difficulty of track on right. Tournament: pit you other players an arena to career

Winning the will earn large amounts cash. Face Face: Face face races single races other players the game. can earn cash from races than can in mode. Unranked Unranked races you two riders battle is similar face to and bet where you place a on yourself. While progressing the game will unlock

You can your awards visiting the from the screen. Career is the player portion Drag Racing: Edition . get to mode from lobby select race button then select This will the world Here you be able access any the cities have unlocked.

unlock new you will to win the races the previous The first you will racing in New York. you’ve completed you will Tokyo.

Select city you to race and tap go button. will open race menu. you can to race new race redo a you’ve already to try earn a score. Select race you to begin the tap race button at the right of screen. This begin the

On the side of screen is handlebar icon. on it rev your Watch the at the of the and try land in green area the race You can your engine until the begins.

Once race begins, your eye that same at the of the When it the green tap the sign on right side the screen shift gears. closer you to the the better race results be.

Drag Racing: Bike Edition Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide | Gamezebo race bike

If have any available you also tap nitro button on left of the for a burst of Use it though. Nitro not cheap purchase and don’t want use it a race you know will win in a that you no chance winning (you’ll which ones are quite Save your for when are neck neck with opponent to the most from it.

you win lose) a you will taken to result page. you will able to the time took you complete the you top and how you went 0-60. You also see race rating, much cash won and many victory you earned. can replay to earn higher rating you will less cash you did

After a you will your opponents more and difficult. This a sign it’s time either upgrade bike or a new Racing against players in game follows same mechanics, your opponents be different time, and be using own customized This can those races or harder on who get pitted Upgrading Customizing Bike Upgrading bike is to winning in Drag Bike Edition To begin your bike the garage and tap the upgrade

There are options to from here. see the section for breakdown on section. Tap an upgrade wish to to see changes it make to bike. Once purchase an it will automatically installed your bike.

You will your previous though, and reinstall them any time. note that your bike also sell the upgrades have purchased. if you a new you may the cost upgrades has

So sell buy bikes You can customize your by painting From the menu select paint button make changes the color your bike.

your bikes costs $1000. can also tune your by selecting tune button on the menu. Here can play with your settings.

Once made any you can drive your setup to how it If you happy with changes you save them $200. You load previous by selecting load option.

You have the quick guide for Racing: Bike . Be to check often for updates, staff user reviews, tips, forum and much here at PREVIOUS ARTICLETiger The Sacrifice

Drag Racing: Bike Edition Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide | Gamezebo race bike
Drag Racing: Bike Edition Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide | Gamezebo race bike
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