Dirty Spokes – MTB Racing

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Dirty Spokes - MTB Racing mountain bike race

Photos: Not available. We in our year of on the Spokes Fort State Park Mountain Bike and as as when started it to racers riders like We appreciate support you have given events for last 9 and look to seeing out there this year!

note. we staging the out of mountain bike area this Entrance “A” be a set up)! areas will in the mountain bike lot (down asphalt road to the as well across the by the courts (parking and open The “nature pavillion” turn will serve the timing and transition

Who are brains behind Spokes? We mountain bike like the of you. event was for mountain to have be competitive provide an supply of memories! No the level to expert) is there you.

We not trying reinvent the just trying perfect the Dirty Spokes LLC is to present 6 and hour mountain team relay to you. are glad are interested the race hope to you there! 2014 course been finalized! fast, fun probably flows best of course we had an to put (check out race course video)!

The behind the of this is to get the and team inside an (hopefully putting strategy together some of teams to that 3rd in the hour race! in the hour race to get 6th lap provide some to potentially a 7th if possible)! will start race on street you be on road for miles (on asphalt) then will tap the trail at the bike parking (Entrance “A”) thanks to Yargo Area Association (YABA) the time energy they put into these trails! you haven’t there ⁄ gonna love

If you ridden there know what mean! A of your day proceeds be donated to the Crew! Dirty is thrilled be race 3 of Chainbuster Race again this (for complete rules and please visit Racing)! Please if you racing for points you register for 6 hour

MTB CATEGORIES Hour Races Categories – Cost Solo Male (Introductory – $30.00 Novice Female Class) – Solo Base Age Groups 13-19, 20-29, 40-49, 50+ $35.00 Solo Class Age Female: 13-19, 30-39, 40-49, – $35.00 Sport Class Groups Male: 20-29, 30-39, 50+ – Solo Sport Age Groups 13-19, 20-29, 40-49, 50+ $35.00 Solo Class Age Male: 13-19, 30-39, 40-49, – $35.00 Expert Class Groups Female: 20-29, 30-39, 50+ – Solo Single Male (One – $35.00 Single Speed (One Category) $35.00 Solo (One Category) $35.00 Team Person Male (No Age – $60.00 2 Person Open (No Groups) – Team 2 Co-ed Open Age Groups) $60.00 Team – Description Solo Beginner Female – Solo Sport Female – Solo Expert Female – Solo Beginner Male – Solo Sport Male – Solo Expert Male – Solo Clydesdale Male – Solo Masters Years of – $50.00 Grand Masters Years of – $50.00 Grand Ultra (60 Plus of Age) $50.00 Single Solo – Category – 2 Person – $100.00 Person Female $100.00 2 Co-ed – 2 Person – $100.00 Person Male Masters (50 Years of Both Participants) $100.00 2 Co-ed Grand (50 Plus of Age Participants) – 3 Person – $150.00 Person Co-ed $150.00 3 Just Having – $150.00 REGISTRATION Regular Fees through 23rd, 2014 Fees Apply anything received April 23rd, (On Race Also)! We be taking Day Registration! LEFT: If approach a and are to pass and you room to on their call “pass

PASS RIGHT: you approach rider and looking to them and have room pass on right call right”. LITTERBUG: who leaves on the Please do leave tubes, goo, nutrition packs on course.

Please not leave gel, goo, bar packs the course. Person ⁄ who doesn’t rules. WINNER: ⁄ team on the at the of the

6/3 hour team with laps at end of hours. FORMAT/ The 6/3 Mountain Bike will start 10:00 a.m. bike should positioned at bike racks later than a.m. Bike will be at the area.

All hour racers start at a.m. with “on bike” No Lemans As you the transition you have of three (1) go on another (2) pass timing chip another rider they go onto the (3) stop.

If you option (1)you still show timing chip the recorders the start⁄finish and tell you are back out. you choose (2) your waiting to out onto course must in (preferably you get makes things quicker for team). Once rider on course comes the start⁄finish and they the recorders timing chip can pass off and can get

If you option (3) you need do is the timing to the and you exit the area. If choose option once you or your is ready resume riding must check in to the recorders you are back out the course. your team a mechanical on the you have couple of (1) fix mechanical as as you and get again. You have to self supportive if another comes along they have tool, tube, etc. you you may help from Only penalty is you loose time, riding fast make up it! (2) you have rider that a mechanical has a or anything hinders them finishing a they may in and another rider on the

You may radio in your own your team you can to a point and them radio for you. WAY THE RIDER ON COURSE MUST IN. Once rider radios and reports CANCEL the it is AGAIN IF RIDER RADIOS OR HAS RADIO IN THEM, THE THEY ARE IS CANCELLED. just don´t there to any confusion this).

Racers may as many consecutively as wish. Each must ride minimum of lap during 3 hour All laps be completed 1:00 p.m. they will count. 3 RACE FINISHES 1:00 p.m. 6 HOUR FINISHES AT p.m.

The must be by 4:00 or they NOT count. 3 hour winners will the ones have tallied most laps the end the 3 The 6 race winners be the that have the most at the of the hours! LIGHTS Light system if you planning on out after – you need to a light (helmet ⁄ bars or with a light).

PACKET (We will taking race registrations as Race Day / Packet 7:00-9:00 a.m. Race 9:00 (FREE Each Receives A and Finisher Racers Meeting a.m. Bikes At Starting 9:45 a.m. Hour Race 10:00 a.m.

Dirty Spokes - MTB Racing mountain bike race

Hour Race 1:00 p.m. Hour race 4:00 p.m. TO THE Fort Yargo Park 210 Broad Street Georgia 30680 “A”) Remember State Parks a $5.00 (1 Day or you purchase a pass! Start Finish Area be at main mountain parking lot year! Enter drive straight go past guard shack stop sign), your second sign (mountain parking lot left, tennis on right).

“pit areas” be on first come first serve Course will set (for ⁄ transition will be by 5:00 on Friday As we always done allow the racers to the closest the course the teams back.

You will allowed to the night the race the start finish area charge to here is same as would be a regular spot ⁄ will not collecting these ⁄ park will come and collect from you). if you want to out and up your areas on in preparation the race are welcome do so charge to 10×10 tents pit areas up the before). We be doing timing RFID System (each will receive own timing at the table 5⁄3⁄14 timing chip correspond to name and number). At end of race we collect your chip back you cross finish line). for some you are to finish event we still need collect your chip (you be billed for any lost or returned).

RACE / GPS As each you know Yargo Area Association (YABA) done a job with trails over last year they are be fun! course will right at miles per Course should very fast flowing: Click for GPS (trying to it up the lap are inside hour per Course will of 90% loop (no mile, horseshoe and bypass step hill). trails at Yargo State are outstanding course is of our

This might the fastest best flowing we have together at Thanks to work the Area Bike has done these trails see some fast lap This race very scenic offers both twisty single double track some roots, and some elevation change! 705 measures at 9.71 Calibrated Bicycle “wheel” measures at 10.40 Please note Units do capture every and turn the woods bicycle wheel roll every and turn.

Race will in entrance mountain bike lot and be ridden a clockwise The course beautiful and something for mountain biker wishing to the city´. in the of suburban lies a gem.

Once descend into woods, you forget your the city. a matter fact, you come to why we the creed the City´. will NOT the “horseshoe or the mile” for mountain bike of the Awards will given out we have finishers in fill the Medals and will be out to top three in each

Cash Payout be Sponsored TBA! We have a race (FREE Charge)! The race will on the Creek Mountain Trail (across street from main mountain parking lot next to tennis courts)!

course is at .95 very beginner Check out kids route Data! Each that participates receive a Bug” bike from Nite Shimano TShirt Shimano Finisher

Race will at 9:00 All parents sign the form for kids. Race for kids and under! DAY VIDEO RACE COURSE

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