BionX Hub Motor Kit Review

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BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits

BionX Hub Kit Review BionX is best selling motor kit the United and probably world.В The Bionx not only as a but many use it a turn-key to very bring a ebike to These manufacturers included, Trek, В Smart and .В В Unlike most the BionX designed and not in but in Canada .В At some of not most the components the BionX are made Asia under quality controls. BionX hub comes laced a wheel.В Available sizes are 24″, 26″ 700c. В Of you can have a builder lace BionX into own wheel.

system includes lithium-ion battery, control unit, throttle,В battery charger, all the and wire required to your bike. weighs in 19.4 lbs test rode 36V PL-350W ($1,500). There also a kit ($999) a “premium” kit available. В As of all В BionX are covered a two-year warranty.

Which of bikes BionX-able? Check our gallery example BionX Hardtail mountain with front seem to ideal. Full-suspension are one the few ofВ frames not for a kit because is sometimesВ difficult mount the

The bike demoed is Montague foldingВ bike seemed like ideal bike modify because its excellent placement position its decent price (about BionX options: can go a 250W a 350W… can go the 36V the 48V…although 36V 0r will have 350-watt motor The BionX with two mounting options. rear rack option (standard most conversion and a mounting version.

the battery in the makes for much more ride than rear rack battery. With heavy motor battery in rear, your will feel and seem than it If the you have to convert not allow triangle battery, would В suggest pick a with adequate in the

BionX does offer a motor mounting as most kit manufacturers To Kit not to Many people old bicycles their garage dust that are attached Turning it an electric will almost the bike see the of day, be used В The higher the donor the better electric bike will make, the more it will ridden.

The kit can your beloved into a edge electric One В question may be В is should convert an bike you use, or one of flashy new electric bikes have been the market This is hard question, there is much of price difference a top the line kit and of the Asian-made bikes companies like Stromer, Easy and Pedego. use to people would bikes because was no production bike fit the These days will buy really nice bike, and purpose built bike has advantages over conversion bike matter how the kit.

same day test rode BionX I rode as anВ Emotion Neo which is good example a high-end bike ($4,000 full-suspension model).В  bikes like have a built frame. its hard tell they an electric (no rectangular to be anywhere). Here a comparison theВ two batteries…of Neo Jumper the Bionx Both are same size /В 9-Ah) andВ similarВ chemistry. you can they have form factors.

is very (BionX) and other is and neat: advantage of with a is you always take kit off transform your back into regular bike And of the next of the is you convert any that has frame you and are the factory on the now. Another of the kit (even it is is thatВ it probably a financial deal a production

You can $1,700 on BionX kit, $700 on new hardtail bike, and $2,400 you have an bike that probably higher than most bikes on market now the same The BionX BionX uses direct-drive (DD, 350WВ motor. This the moving and makesВ for robust and set up.

benefits of direct drive include reliability,В  . andВ regen The drawbacks its larger and it’s than a hub motor. you look the above you can how large hub motor in a rim.В Below is example of 350W geared (made by in a wheel of before mentioned Jumper. The motor is , and looking.

Most electric bikes out are hub motors. BionX might a bit the times their big heavy non-geared To the credit, it thinner than any hub out there.

when you at an bike, you not notice thin the is…only how a diameter is. The in the pic below twice as as the but is stealth. The Controller: All E-bike kits know of controllers with bunch of coming out. BionX kit the other an internal cleanly built the hub the motor to the Motor Magic ). This cuts back the clutter see outside bike, and installing this much easier.

motor and are water and can ridden in rain. The Dash Board BionX has really sweet which tells remaining battery, fast you going, how you have and even time it The dashboard В custom configurable.

In addition, dashboard controls level of assist you or what of brake you want. is a describing how can choose of pedal and levels regen using dashboard: Although В throttle might cheap at glance. It actually one the better I have on an bike.

Most throttles are China twist thumb throttles. BionX throttleВ is refreshing change. is a button which variable. So can push a little to get little juice.

the 350W this throttle perfectly.В It also a + button above This is alternative way adjust the assist mode, ofВ using buttons dashboard. When are riding bike it a real to be to change level of without your leaving the grips. For when going a big you can into a level ofВ regenerativeВ braking, you can yourself down wearing or up yourВ brake-pads. BionX throttle the extra benefit that can be on either left hand right hand

Conventional E-bike can only used on right side. BionX Battery lithium-ion battery the BionX of 2012 with aВ two warranty. It to be battery was warrantied for year, so guess is BionX has their battery be more Like other quality E-bike it consists “18650″-size cells found in tools).В It is at 36V so you expect around 17-mile range normal riding battery that in the kit is you want battery, you stuckВ buyingВ an extra from BionX figuring out to mount to the BionX is В proprietary, and is hard crack if want to it. Regenerative A unique of the kit is effective regenerative system.

Regen means when you going down hill, your is slowing down and putting energy into the activate the you simply the rear lightly…and you the drag the regen in. Hit brake harder you hear regular mechanical pads of bicycle kick BionX also variable regen, you apply through the or through handlebar control minus button). В going down long steep you could just the В amount of to cruise at the you want using your brake.В ObviouslyВ this adds the efficiency the BionX and also cuts back your brake wear, and heat (very if you have long while carrying braking is silent and

Read more regen systems ebikes One of a system, is it is that the will not wheel as because the will always some drag when coasting. the Bionx it seemed freewheel perfectly regen was the lowest and I not notice extra drag to a bike. Torque The BionX the torque integrated into motor axle. BionX patented sensorВ is known be one the best the industry.

the BionX is spot This all to a fine pedal experience.В The BionX a terrific of blending assist with pedaling power. our story torque sensors.В  you use torque sensor the BionX force you not to lazy, and will always to input power if want electric This will increase your The less you use, farther you go .В If ride only the pedal mode, the motor comes so smoothly can barely it.

BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits

Its to forget are riding an electric when you this way, simply feel a super when bicycling… the BionX on В a isВ fairlyВ straight forward, BionX does thatВ you have by a shop.В The shop spoke with Bikes LA В said that takes an and a for a technician to a BionX. a shop of $70 hour that to $100 of labor transform a bike into bike. Proprietary The system is integrated. The drawback to is if need to a blown blown motor, bad battery….you stuck with parts and pricing.

This is of the drawbacks of Hot Rod BionX? Many over at started with hub conversion and decided the hub was not enough for Their are options for rodding a motor (see story ). hot rodding BionX (because the proprietary is just possible. So will be with a kit, even you decide you want

This is drawback to Is it enough? This the core for me BionX. I in the that has 750W federal on E-bikes in Canada).

under 750 isВ definitelyВ considered a The BionX only 350 less than the wattage what I 100% В legally operate anywhere the USA. me I my bikes be at 750 watts, most of time a of a more (of I limit E-bikes to when riding the street the Bionx, feels veryВ similarВ to 250-400 watt bikes I ridden.

At I tell it’sВ fast enough. can get 17-MPH or without pedaling. when you climbing hillsВ that really wish had a more. The really slows to a pace on For me BionX is fast enough, for the it costs.

would not own a for these me an and slow В is a killer. What have seen many times В when В someone rides an В they are with the power levels. as they more and familiar with E-bike, almost they wish had more If they off their and ride faster ebike, they really one.

BionX or no-name kit kits areВ 10 ahead of other kit out there. kit providers simple box BionX has making and hub motors nearly 10 They have engineers on and are striving to their product.

is by the most hub kit can buy, to install, pedal assist finest user Although Bionx a nice it isn’t everyone. BionX are expensiveВ ($1,800 tested).

BionX are low (350 watts BionX Kits proprietary (you only В use electrical components). kits do big advantages: kits are most reliable on the

BionX kits the highest kit on market. BionX with aВ Lithium-Ion most kits not and they do…they usually junk. has figured how to the battery BionX has regen, no kit has

BionX offers warranty and behind it. you want high-power kit, one that inexpensive, В you to take chances В elsewhere. you are for higher than this, would recommend with Crystalyte BMC.

9C MAC motors. at our of recommended . If BionX system fast enough you (and can afford it isВ definitelyВ the elegant, most В well-built hub kit on market, and justВ might be right kit you.

BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
BionX Hub Motor Kit Review bicycle motor kits
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