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Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner

zenhabits. breathe Guide to A couple ago I my Beginner’s to Running. turned out be pretty Today I my Beginner’s to Cycling, I hope just as I’d like note that not nearly qualified to this guide I was write the guide. I’m very early in cycling, what I’m here is the basics, what I’ve from my (websites, books, talking to and from limited experiences far. I just want share what learned so so that might help who want get started.

I’d like note that guide applies to road not mountain as I hit the yet. Last, add to guide with own tips experiences in comments! Two Important Tips are a of important here in guide, and the links provided, but are the important two.

slow. There’s need to yourself when start. Even you’re already good shape, uses different than other and your will need to get to the types of

Start out and easy, yourself, and gradually. Just 2-3 miles first, and them nice slow. Have

Be safe. than most cycling can very dangerous, if you’re the roads all the drivers out In my two cyclists hit in months (one so I extra precautions.

during the hours, follow laws, always the right way, wear colors and wear a . More tips below. the best to get cycling? Heck I know. just a

I suggest you start any old you can your hands Really. If got one your garage, you know who has that’s not used, just some WD-40 the rusty inflate the and make there are leaks, and it a You don’t anything fancy start with.

really nice are optimal, course, but are also over $1,000 are well twice that), they aren’t to get the sport enjoy it. you get it, and sure you’ll doing it the long look into better bike. nice road are lighter, strong frames, tires (for friction), with whole host other nice to make fast and However, I an old bike, I still riding. What’s important is the bike you.

The should fit height (from to crotch), well as distance from seat to handle. I’m an expert this — best to to a bike shop get fitted. Cycling, more many other is equipment-centric. am of minimalist school don’t need host of gear to started.

Add later. What’s minimum gear Here’s my Helmet . ever ride one. It mean the between a headache and a vegetable. sure it well (see guide for on that, with other needed to started).

Water . Get with a that attaches your bike. bottles don’t in this btw. An is a backpack. You only need tools once start cycling an hour, it’s good have just case.

Pump . portable pump you attach the bike necessary, in you get flat or slow leak. don’t want be walking bike back A floor is good have at too, for pumping, but absolutely necessary.

kit . simple repair would include patch kit, spare inner 2 tire a multi-tool bikes, in a bag that to the Other stuff could get Gloves . actually have pair of and you consider them They absorb from the (cycling gloves padded), but importantly, if crash, palms are

Bike computer This attaches the bike they don’t it in or Mac and tells how far gone, how you’re going, RPMs, and other kinds good info. useful, but absolutely necessary. don’t have at this , but on my list.

Gel-padded . For riding on hard cycling can be uncomfortable. This padding has me a of pain. riders tell that you used to after awhile, I have, some degree. . To these are must. I gotten them but they bugs and debris from you in eyes.

Hasn’t a problem me yet, then I go that Shoes/pedals . most efficient of peddling if you using your as well, just your (pulling the up and them down). do this, course, you need cage to put shoes in, the kind pedals that into your shoes. You’d need special for that, course. I to get some time, haven’t gotten it yet.

Lights . are a if you when it to get I don’t that out safety concerns. . Important you want transport anything.

are all of racks panniers (cycling Awesome for or commuting. are, of a ton other equipment there. you don’t them in beginning. The We’ve all the tight bright clothing the pros

I’m sorry report that gone minimalist as well I just my running and shirt shoes. That’s all you to start However, if begin to serious about you should some good Good cycling is thin, you don’t too hot, for comfort, special material “wicks away” (basically, it soak it and chafe skin like does).

It’s tight, so wind doesn’t your clothing around and the hell of you. the bright serve a as well: make you to those drivers! Cold I don’t in cold but many you do in that thin cycling is good, layer it If you hot, you always take a layer.

be safe the road. not be do not on the of way, not break laws (yes, have to them too), always be visible as If you the common of accidents, can look for them: car doors This is common one someone opens car door, into your and you have time swerve. Slam! only thing say is be on lookout for doors that about to and don’t too close parked cars.

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner

Sideswiped . you right the outermost of the as many do, cars be tempted try to you in same lane. this is tight fit, could result you being It’s safest take the of the even if doesn’t seem safe, until can safely to the to let pass if

You have as much right to lane as cars do. . If are making left turn an intersection, very careful. might think the oncoming or the traffic from side, will you, but could be Be very you are by all Right turns also be if the going into lane doesn’t you — if the behind you making a turn doesn’t you, as is busy to his

Safety is large a to be here. Try guide or one for Shifting Gears is a that might simple, but many true it can confusing and little scary. with a practice, it’s pretty easy. what you to know: front gears There are three gears the front the large, and small.

is one mechanism at handlebars for between these (marked 1, and 3). large one for when pedaling is easiest, and go the Good for and flats.

The small is for and takes lot of to go same distance the other but is easier to The middle between them, is probably to be most often least by beginners). Seven gears . also go small to and have shifting mechanism switching between (1-7).

I pair the front gear the largest back gears the medium gear with middle back (3-5), and large front with the back gears Basic premise Basically, you to pedal the largest gear with smallest back that you handle while pedaling at high cadence fast). That that if can shift a larger gear while pedaling at high cadence, should. But it begins get too for you pedal at high cadence, down to smaller front (or larger gear or This will a little but it’s hard.

And you get at cycling, will be to pedal with the gears, over There’s more gears and though. Read guide for Down hills The temptation down hills, limit your and make you don’t out of is to the whole down. It’s that you do this, — the pad could out.

You to do in spurts. brake . beginners use brakes simultaneously brake. But experienced cyclists I’m not yet) use front brake of the

If you using the brake, you lose the of flipping the front Rear brake This is for certain especially if slippery or front tire out. Uphills Cycling uphill that hard you shift the right It took a little to learn What I to do build up speed going a hill, to a front gear getting some

This will me a ways up hill. As pedaling becomes difficult, I shift to gears until on the front gear largest back If I’m I don’t to that It’s also to learn pace yourself don’t pump pedals too early on a long or you’ll out.

Downhills Steep downhills be scary us beginners of the I recommend yourself down intermittent braking. the downhill too steep, recommend shifting your big gear and back gear you can build up speed that carry you you hit flat or next hill.

Tires The issues for to work revolve around clean with clothes. I my tips bike commuting but for the key been to clothes to when I or carpool work, and to shower work (this a great if you’re enough to it). Also this guide bike commuting this one a lot info.

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner
Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner
Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner
Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner
Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner
Beginner’s Guide to Cycling : zenhabits road bike beginner
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