50mph Electric Trike

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50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike

Custom Build Matt’s 50-MPH Yellow Trike 2012 Matt is well in the electric bike over atВ  Sphere В  making impressive and В electric assemblies. Lately has turned creative building to creating super trikes of great cornering, and efficient. The he used this creation the Astro 3220 designed high-end RC

It is efficient, weighs 5 pounds, can put up to each (11,000-Watts). low speeds, yellow trike is as as almost commercially available bike. trike has astro 3220′s will go to forty В 4.5 seconds! particular trike only 90-lbs, was converted a very all-belt drive the motor, of chain.

has whopping-huge / 30-Ah pack made Hobby-King LiPos if you it gently, could get 35 mile on this The base he started was originally KMX Typhoon and then heavily modified to his “…The frame widened 5 lengthened 3 and lowered inch…It will 203mm Hope piston hydraulic chose 16-inch with 39mm rims for fronts, and 20-inch wheel a 47mm rim for rear, and tires he В  Maxxis В . The tire is wide. Matt up selling Trike for with a motor (instead dual like build below). you are in building own monster or bike, sells small drive units motor systems can be at Matt electricbike.com.

He also fully built to roll systems like one from to time. built the system for FFR electric (now re-named a ready roll solution is very to the below. Check the slideshow for an of one Matt’s recent your mouse the photo get hisВ description: Electric Trike Shumaker builds 50mph electric using a Astro Flight RC Motor lipo battery from hobby [img src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_kmxxtrike.jpg] 0 3/20/2010 is my build. It life as KMX Typhoon.

Here you see the trike. [img 338 0 I stripped frame. [img 312 0 the frame bead blasted. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_widened.jpg] 306 I decided widen, lengthen lower the I settled 5 inches 3 inches and 3/4 lower.In this you can the frame apart with fabricated. [img 280 0 then the welded together src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_reinforced.jpg] 320 Next I the stock frame and it to mainframe in Space-Frame arrangement added strength being stretched lowered) and added torsional I like trellis look. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike324 0 quite some I have a yellow black bike trike. that end, had the powder-coated “Safety” then clear [img src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_widerims.jpg] 0 For high powered the stock inch wide weren’t enough.

So, I custom rims for me These are inch wide and 2 wide (rear) They were powder-coated yellow clear coated. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_frontwheels.jpg] 354 You can see the rotors.

These 203mm units from the 160mm). I installed Hope piston calipers. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_driveunit.jpg] 546 The drive for this consists of Astro Flight motors that custom made this application. use larger stock (1/2 as opposed the stock inch) shafts outboard bearing They are for 14,000rpm 48 volts.

motors were tested for at 14hp That is total! The is nearly pounds at rear wheel. expect 0 60 in seconds (it the power weight ratio a shifter

The reduction I machined my shop. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_torquearm.jpg] 411 I machined torque arm chain tensioner help keep in line. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_drivealigned.jpg] 432 Here the unit and arm assemblies installed. part was consuming but rewarding! There such tight in this However, I got all mounted and up. Now, need to it all for final of the bar aluminum [img src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_drive2.jpg] 0 Here the right of the drive system.

50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike

The bare cover will anodized black, engraved in CNC. [img 426 0 more shot the drive from above, [img src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_tensioner3.jpg] 0 Here one more from the side showing chain routing the tensioner. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_steeringdampener.jpg] 388 Here is shot of steering dampener. is a aftermarket allow, dampener. I a while that high on a requires dampening! src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_twobrakes.jpg] 381 I decided run two master-cylinders (one each front that are individually by fingers on hand. The front brake operated by left middle while the front brake operated by left index This gives braking for and smokey [img src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_throttle.jpg] 0 The is a twist grip to be thumb throttle.

It looks nice next the stock grip shifter. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_drivemounted.jpg] 379 One more of the unit from rear. [img 374 0 can see custom tillers. are upgraded we CNC for the line. However, decided to them on trike. They nice because the adjustability.

they work better in “Motorcycle” layout than the vertical tiller In the portion of build I to give details of creation of trike. But, must say, tillers to just bolt a KMX [img src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike//thumbs_batterybox.jpg] 469 I run Polymer batteries my bikes.

this build decided to some CNC battery boxes. to that we machined bunch of pack boxes. is the box.

They will be anodized eventually. [img 374 0 you can a machined battery box plate. This made to a hard-point the heavy boxes to to. [img 389 0 are the black anodized boxes mounted the frame. covers will be black CNC engraving the top. src=http://www.electricbike.com/wp-content/flagallery/50mph-electric-trike/thumbs/thumbs_seatdone.jpg] 346 The trike been turning so well, decided the seat cover did not very good.

I went an embroidery and had cool stripes in yellow match the This small really ties seat cover the look the rest the trike the resulting videos showing epic electric in action:

50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
50mph Electric Trike bicycle trike
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