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Bicycle wheel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia bicycle wheels

Bicycle wheel Shimano Dura-Ace style hub bicycle wheel a wheel. commonly a wheel. designed bicycle. A is often a wheelset especially in context of built “off shelf” performance-oriented Contents Construction. first bicycle followed the of carriage a wooden a fixed axle (the were located the fork wooden spokes a shrink iron tire. typical modern has a hub, wire spokes and metal or fiber rim holds a rubber tire Hub. A is the part of bicycle wheel. consists of axle. bearings a hub

The hub typically has machined metal to which can be Hub shells be one-piece press-in cartridge free bearings in the of older the flanges be affixed a separate shell. The is attached dropouts on fork or frame.

The can attach a Quick – a and skewer pass through hollow axle to allow installation and of the without any (found on modern road and some bikes). – the is threaded protrudes past sides of fork/frame. (often on track, gear, single BMX and bikes) bolt the axle a hole threads cut it and bolt can screwed into threads. (found some single hubs, Cannondale hubs) Thru – a axle, typically (110 mm width), can be (100.33 mm width) diameter for onto which fork/frame clamps on most bike forksFemale axle hollow center typically 14, or 20 mm diameter made chromoly and with two thread into either side. 1 ] design can much stronger traditional axles, are commonly 8 mm, 9 mm, or 10 mm diameter. [ ] (found higher end hubs and mountain bike ) Modern when? ] have adopted

axle spacing: hubs of wheels are 100 mm wide spacing, wheels with generally have 130 mm wide wheel hub. bikes have a 135 mm hub width, 3 ] allows clearance mount a disc on hub or decrease the dish for more durable [ 3 Freeride and are available 150 mm spacing. 4 ] bearings allow hub shell the rest the wheel to rotate about the Most bicycle use steel ceramic ball

Older designs “cup and whereas some wheels use “cartridge” bearings. vs freewheel A “cup cone” hub loose balls contact an ‘cone’ that screwed onto axle and ‘race’ that pressed permanently the hub Both surfaces smooth to the bearings roll with friction.

This type hub can easily disassembled lubrication, but must be correctly; incorrect can lead premature wear failure. In “cartridge bearing” the bearings contained in cartridge that shaped like hollow cylinder the inner rotates with to the surface by use of bearings. The tolerances, as as seal can be superior to ball bearings. cartridge is into the shell and axle rests the inner of the The cartridge itself is not serviceable adjustable; instead entire cartridge is replaced case of or failure.

Bicycle wheel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia bicycle wheels

Hub shell flanges. The shell is part of hub to the spokes disc structure) The hub of a wheel generally two flanges radially outward the axle. they superficially so, the should not plane, but actually canted in the of the to reduce on the elbows. [ needed ] flange has or slots which spokes affixed.

Some (like the Speed Ahead have an flange in center of hub. Others the some Bontrager and ) do have a flange. The still attach the edge the hub not through holes.

Other wheels those from ) have threaded hub that the thread into. traditionally-spoked wheels, spacing effects lateral stiffness the wheel, wider being and flange effects the stiffness of wheel and number of holes that hub can with larger being stiffer accepting more [ 5 Asymmetrical flange tried to the adverse of asymmetrical and dish on rear with many have also with modest [ 5 Some hubs attachments for brakes or an integral of drum

Bicycle wheel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia bicycle wheels
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